Common Questions About Indigo Studio License & Pricing

George Abraham / Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Do I need to buy a separate license for the Mac and Windows Version?

No. The license key you purchased will work for both. You don't have to purchase a separate license for Windows if you bought the mac version, and vice versa.

I split my work across two computers. Can I install on both using my single-user license?

The Indigo Studio license is tied to the user, and not the computer. Install and use Indigo Studio on any computer "you" use. However, if we notice a large number of activations using the same license, we may contact you to verify this behavior.

What is a perpetual license?

Purchasing an Indigo Studio license ($495) enables you to unlock and use all product features beyond the standard 30-day trial period. It is sold to you as a perpetual license. That means the product you buy is yours to keep and use FOREVER!

With the perpetual license, you actually get more goodies! In addition to the product, the license qualifies you for any product updates we ship during that year (could even be a new major version of the product) and a year of free customer support. Updates may include new features, bug fixes or both.  

Let's use the following graphic to understand this licensing model better.

Explaining the perpetual license model

Another way to say this is that you will get all updates for the last major version released during your active year of subscription. After that, you have the option to renew to continue getting updates and to extend customer support for an additional year. If you do not renew, the product is still yours, and you can keep using version you own forever.

Please note that the version numbers I'm using in this graphic are only to help illustrate the concept of our perpetual license. It does not signify the exact number of updates or our roadmap for the product.

Do I have to renew my subscription/license after a year?

Renewing your Indigo Studio Subscription is OPTIONAL. You can continue to use the version you own forever! Renewing will extend product support for an additional year, which also includes updates we release for Indigo Studio. The renewal price is $249 (50% off list price).

Does my license include unlimited sharing of prototypes on the Infragistics servers?

As stated in the software license agreement, prototypes will be available via its URL for a minimum of 12 months from the date of posting on Infragistics Servers. You can read our most up-to-date license agreement here. Prototype hosting is discussed in more detail under section III.A.

Are there any discounts available for academic/educational use?

UPDATED Aug 3, 2015: Free Academic license announced!

Indigo Studio is FREE for students studying at a degree/diploma granting institution. Use the following link to get your personal product key:

Free Indigo Studio License for academic use

We also offer a university-level academic license that will allow institutions to install Indigo studio on lab computers. This particular license does not permit installing on a student's personal computer. Since every institution is a bit different in terms of how software is made available, email your questions to

Can I get a discount if I buy more than a certain number of licenses?

Do get in touch with our Sales team, and they will be able to answer questions related to bulk discounts. Contact Sales

I used up my trial for an earlier version. Can I start a new trial when a major version is released (e.g., Version 3)?

Yes! If you have tried version 2 in the past, and used up your 30-day trial, you can try the next major version for another 30 days! You can do this in the following two ways:

  • If you have days remaining in you 30-day trial period for the current version (e.g., version 2, update 5), use the check for update option inside the app. You will be able to start a fresh trial for the next major version (e.g., Version 3)
  • If you have used up the 30 day trial for the previous major version (e.g., Version 2), simply download and install Indigo Studio from our website ( This will also allow you to start a new trial.

I already own an Indigo Studio License for a specific version. Can I still try the latest version and then  go back to my licensed version?

As explained in our perpetual license model above, there is a good chance that latest major version was released during your active year of subscription. This means is that the latest major version is a free upgrade. For instance, if you own a version 2 license, version 3 was a free upgrade. We check this for you when you try to update from inside the app and inform you accordingly. 

If that's not the case, you can still start a new trial for the latest version! When your 30-day period runs out, and if you wish to revert to your older licensed version, simply install it again. You can grab the installer for the version you own from my keys/downloads section on our website. No need to re-enter your license key in most cases.

Please Note: Screeparts are unique to version 3.0 and above. If any of your screens use screenparts, they will be incompatible with a lower/older version of Indigo Studio.

How do I convert from a trial version to a full version of the product?

To convert, you will first need to purchase a license key from the product website

With key in hand, launch Indigo Studio, and look for the "Convert to Licensed Version" option in main menu. Paste in the key, and activate! If your trial has expired, you will see a way to enter the key on the product launch screen.

Entering your product Key

We encourage you to register this key with us so that you can retrieve/manage your key at any time.

Can I still download Indigo Lite, the free version?

That depends on whether you had downloaded version 1 in the past. Indigo Lite is available for re-download for those users upon request. Send us an email at