Introducing Indigo Design to Code Studio: Design to Developer Collaboration Redefined

Jason Beres [Infragistics] / Tuesday, May 8, 2018

This is a big week for Infragistics. We have teams in Seattle, WA at Build 2018 and at Google I/O in Mountain View, CA. Both Microsoft and Google this week are showcasing keynotes focused on Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Elastic Cloud, and how it not only permeates what we are all doing in business today, but also the home to make our lives easier. I think even better however is that AI, ML & the Cloud are helping us live better lives – beyond business productivity and smarter homes – it is making all of us more aware of how our lifestyle choices affect our health (negatively or positively), our personal productivity, our relationships with others, and how the availability of this abundance of personal data can't be ignored. It’s a cool time to be in the thick of such great innovation, it’s up to us how we use all of this newly found intelligence to better ourselves and those around us.

At Infragistics, we’ve focused on making developer’s lives better for over 3 decades with productivity tools, UI control suites and rich components that have increased the overall productivity of teams anywhere from 40% to 80% when designing and implementing beautiful, multi-channel user experiences. We’ve helped the biggest brands in the world run their businesses, from internal mission-critical applications to public websites to mobile apps for the largest banks, insurance companies, retailers, manufacturing and software companies in the world.

Today, we are taking this level of team productivity a step further with a new vision on how design, UX & development teams can build better software, faster, with predictable outcomes and amazing user experiences.

I am excited to announce Indigo Design to Code Studio, our vision for how visual designers, UX Architects, Product Managers, & Application Developers participate in a collaborative software design and development process, allowing each stakeholder to use the tools they love the most, including Sketch, Indigo Studio and Visual Studio Code and the frameworks they love the most like Angular & Flutter.

Indigo Design to Code Studio

Indigo D2C Studio is a set of tools and technologies centered around the vision that you'll get the best outcomes if we participate in the ecosystem of tools that you love the most and that allow you to be the most productive – we aren’t trying to wrestle you out of Sketch if you are a visual designer, or Indigo Studio if you are a UX Architect, or Visual Studio Code if you are a developer. We know you are most productive in the tools you use every day, all day, we aren’t asking you to change.  We'll bring the tooling into your process, not the other way around.  We won't force you down an uncomfortable path that will deliver less then amazing results.  Watch this quick 90 second video to give you an idea of what we'll detail in the rest of this post.