A Brief Summary of the Global 2018 UXify Conference

Sarah Roman / Monday, May 7, 2018

At the sixth annual and international UXify conferences held on April 27th, over 400 participants from various agencies, in-house workers, and freelancers, joined the events in the United States, Bulgaria, and Japan.  The conferences were successfully built to discuss the best UX practices and to consider forward-thinking concepts based on the drives of the international community. With the focus of this year's UXify centered on the "The Future of User Experience", the speaker list was inundated with professionals from all over the UX industry, supporting a meld of innovative discussion and thought-leadership throughout the days.  

The United States conference officially began with Dean Guida emphasizing that Infragistics is centered around its "passion for user experience." As the CEO and founder of the company, Dean has built Infragistics to be ultimately client-focused with its tooling and products for the web, desktop, and mobile environments. By bringing together like-minded professionals to collaborate and network, this passion was brought to a forefront for those involved at the cutting edge of the UX design community. 

Each location featured its own set of highlights and exciting speakers: 

UXify Bulgaria 

In Sofia, Bulgaria, the participants were fully engaged and energized while hearing riveting case studies which were focused on emotional and meaningful design. 


George Abraham's keynote speech, "Detoxifying Your Prototyping Process for Better Results", intrigued the audience and instilled confidence in those looking to play a larger role in the design processes of their companies.  

In other prominent talks, George Angeloff, a design leader for the popular IDIT Web based in Bulgaria, spoke about the revolution surrounding emotional design and how to design meaningful UI. This segued nicely into Svetoslav Simov's discussion around fonts and new technologies. Simov, as an owner of one of the world's most popular type foundries, Fontfabric, spoke about the history and future of fonts and typography.   


UXify Japan 

In Tokyo, Japan, the primary focus of the day rested on best practices for UX design and ways to boost functionality.   


The keynote speaker, Yoshihiro Saito, lead the audience through his take on the resonations of UX design within the mind and ways to best approach standard practices. With other talks from Nakagawa Tomoko and Fukuoka Say, the day moved into topics of expanding design services to fit user experiences for various positions and ways to design UX processes around purpose and context.  


UXify US  

In Cranbury, New Jersey, the talks centered on forward-thinking design strategies and the future implementation of design with the inclusion of AI and virtual reality. 


Featured speakers, like Darian O’Reilly, David Fisher, Lisa Lokshina and Kristine Malden, took to the floor with attention-grabbing thought-leadership. Darian started the event with useful ways to include clients in the design process to produce valuable project contributions and elegant final products. From there, David, Lisa, and Kristine all discussed the fascinating journey that UX design will now be taking as AI and VR come to the stage, encouraging designers to adapt to these transformational technologies as work moves forward. 


Overall, the events struck a chord with the design community, as a myriad of relevant, productive discussions stemmed from just under thirty talks spanning the globe. Moving forward, you’re encouraged to stay in touch with the design community and Infragistics, so please feel free to follow us on Twitter for the latest updates. Furthermore, you should check out Indigo Studio, our complete solution for collaborative prototyping and usability testing. It’s a code-free way to design for today’s most popular platforms for web, desktop, and mobile.