Download Indigo Studio Prototyping Videos for Offline Viewing

George Abraham / Tuesday, October 1, 2013

We heard that some of our customers are unable to access our youtube playlist for Indigo Studio related videos due to access restrictions within their organizations. To make it easier, I'm including links that will allow them to download a version of the how-to and webinar videos.

How to video list (Download how to videos - 240MB):

  • Why Use Indigo Studio for Prototyping?
  • Storyboards
  • Storyboards- Advanced
  • Creating wireframes
  • Wireframes to Interactive Prototypes (interaction flows)
  • Animating transitions
  • Sharing your prototypes
  • Designing for Mobile
  • Using the repeater tool

Here are the video recordings from webinars completed for Indigo Studio (Download Webinar recordings - 338 MB):

  • Webinar 1: Revisiting prototyping with indigo Studio
  • Webinar 2: Designing for Mobile with Indigo Studio and What's new in Version 2

You can also download a zip file (approx 500MB) that contains all the videos.

If videos are not your choice, we of course have  detailed help articles that explain the core capabilities of Indigo Studio.