Group Workspaces for Collaboration

George Abraham / Wednesday, November 9, 2016

With group workspaces, you can create a private design community, where other invited members can also publish designs. It’s a shared space on where you can freely and privately collaborate on prototypes, design libraries or usability studies. And if someone leaves the workspace or team, the remaining members will still have access to the designs and project files.

You can still publish designs to your personal workspace (default), and then copy it to a group workspace later.

Publishing to a Group Workspace

You can create a new group workspace when you are sharing your prototype from the share dialog. 

Share Dialog

You can also create a new workspace from


If you have the Indigo Studio Professional plan, you can publish to a maximum of 5 group workspaces at anytime. Upgrade to Indigo Studio Enterprise if you need unlimited group workspaces. See plan comparison for more details.

Pick Workspace on

Inviting Members to a Workspace

You can make edits to the workspace settings from Navigate to the workspace area and view settings to invite members.

View Workspace Settings

If you are already a member of multiple group workspaces, we will automatically recommend members. Invited members will receive a notification by email. And in future, when any invited member publishes new designs, other members will automatically get an email notification.

Editing Designs Published on Workspaces

You can download and edit your prototypes on any computer that has Indigo Studio installed! Once you are signed in, select tab in the app menu to see all designs you have access to. You can switch between available workspaces in the section header.

Click on Open as a new project to download the project files and make changes to the design. To update the prototype, share it again on tab in the app menu

Sharing and Using Design Libraries from a Workspace

Group Workspaces can also be used to share design libraries. This way everyone on your team can jump start their prototyping project with design patterns available in your enterprise application. This can be branding elements or custom UI elements like login screens and navigation patterns.

Click on import screenpart library from the screenpart toolbox, and choose download from

Import Screenpart Library from

Creating and Viewing Usability Studies

Another benefit of publishing to a group workspace is that you can let a different team member run a usability study for you. This way you can focus on designing prototypes, and someone else can take care of the evaluation.When the study is completed, you can view the results on from the usability studies section.

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