• Infragistics Launches Reveal Embedded Analytics Platform

    Add beautiful data visualizations to your app with the Reveal embedded business intelligence tool.
    • Tue, Aug 13 2019
  • Ignite UI for Angular 8.1.0 Release

    Almost one month has passed since we’ve released our last major version and we are already producing a new one   We carefully evaluate our customer’s feature requests and work on the most wanted features not listed in the product Roadmap. And that’s not all, last month we’ve fixed over 60 bugs, added new components styling guides, a series of WPF to WEB migration topics and we’ve started to develop…

    • Fri, Jul 19 2019
  • How Reveal BI Secures Your Data

    The Reveal embedded business intelligence platform is based on a cloud architecture that includes multiple authentication methods, local caching of data to minimize sending of queries to servers and databases, and much more. We'll explore these in this...

    • Mon, Jul 15 2019
  • Design elaborate grid experiences with indigo.design and generate Angular apps

    On Monday we have launched yet another amazing update to indigo.design including vast improvements to the UI Kit for Sketch, especially in the area of the Grid component. In the latest release available in your indigo.design cloud account, we also managed to squeeze tree and hierarchical grids with all the features that the regular, flat grid offers. In this short article I will walk you through the creation of a seemingly…

    • Fri, Jul 12 2019
  • How to Create Your First Business Intelligence Dashboard with Reveal

    Visualize your significant business metrics with business intelligence dashboards. Learn how with this step-by-step walkthrough of Reveal BI software.
    • Wed, Jul 10 2019
  • 30+ Visualizations Make Displaying Data Easy in Reveal

    Create beautiful data visualizations easily with the Reveal visualization editor and our drag-and-drop interface.
    • Wed, Jul 10 2019
  • The Pricing Secret: What Embedded Analytics Vendors Won't Tell You

    Find out why many embedded analytics vendors keep their costs hidden. Reveal pricing is simple, fixed and predictable.
    • Wed, Jul 10 2019
  • Data Driven Teams and Organizations

    See how easy it is to create data-driven teams with the Reveal business intelligence platform. Find out how Reveal's simplicity brings beautiful visualizations to analytics.
    • Wed, Jul 10 2019
  • Introducing Product Team Office Hours

    Let’s face it, developers don’t really like talking to sales departments or interacting with marketing.  While sales and marketing are very important roles to just about every company in existence, they just don’t have that very low-level knowledge of a product that developers expect. A lot of times, developers can feel frustrated that the questions they have must go though a “middle-man” to be passed along…

    • Wed, Jul 3 2019
  • Software Performance [Web]

    Performance is one of the most important, if not the most important, vectors that should be considered when producing software products.
    • Tue, Jul 2 2019
  • Working with Auto-Generated Columns in the Ignite UI for Angular Grid

    Ignite UI for Angular Grid is the fastest data grid available. It not only helps to run applications faster but also allows you as a developer to write applications faster. To see it in action, assume that you have a  data source as shown in the code listing below: 

    this.products = [
        { Id: '1', Title: 'Book', ExpiryDate: new Date(), Price: 35, Rating: 3.5 },
        { Id: '2', Title: 'Pen', ExpiryDate: new Date(), Price: 25, Rating: 4.0 },
        { Id: '3', Title…
    • Mon, Jul 1 2019
  • Inspect for Sketch prototypes in the cloud or private server

    Extract any visual specifications directly from Sketch designs using Indigo.Design's Inspect feature.
    • Tue, Jun 25 2019
  • 15 WPF Performance Tips for 2019

    Are you a WPF developer? Do your WPF apps have areas of poor performance or don’t run as quickly as you would like?  If so, I have 15 tips to help you identify and improve the performance of your WPF applications. 

    While WPF is over a decade old and has been improved greatly over the years, there are still several areas that can suffer from poor performance.  The reasons for this poor performance include things such as

    • Mon, Jun 24 2019
  • 9 Ways to Improve Your Data Visualizations with Reveal

    Create exciting visualizations of your data with easy-to-use, drag-and-drop Reveal business intelligence software.
    • Tue, Jun 18 2019
  • Formatting Data using Pipes in the Ignite UI for Angular Grid

    How you present data to the user is essential. Often you cannot present data as it is from the data source to the viewer. Users need a more immersive presentation of the data. Let us consider a data source as listed below:

    this.products = [
        { Id: '1', Title: 'Book', ExpiryDate: new Date(), Price: 35, Rating: 3.5 },
        { Id: '2', Title: 'Pen', ExpiryDate: new Date(), Price: 25, Rating: 4.0 },
        { Id: '3', Title: 'Pencil', ExpiryDate: new Date(), Price: 20, Rating…
    • Thu, Jun 13 2019
  • Add a range selector calendar in Angular: a step by step guide

    In the first week of May, I attended ngConf 2019  and I had the wonderful opportunity to talk to many Angular developers about Ignite UI and Angular in general.

    Developers were very impressed by Ignite UI for Angular, which includes an Angular Material-based library consisting of more than 80 components, directives, and services to help you build Angular enterprise applications faster. You can learn more here

    One question…

    • Sun, Jun 9 2019
  • Infragistics Team visits South Korea again this year!

    I am excited to announce the Infragistics Developer Day in South Korea this year again!

    Jason Beres, Sr. VP of Developer Tools, Ken Azuma, Managing Director for APAC, and Satoru Yamaguchi, Senior Solution Consultant will be visiting Seoul, and they are going to host workshops for WPF, ASP.NET MVC & JavaScript controls.

    Event Overview:


    Infragistics, Inc. / BluePort


    Three seminars:
    - June 26th,…

    • Sun, Jun 2 2019
  • Host Sketch Prototypes on Private Server with Usability Testing

    Indigo.Design lets you sync Sketch prototypes and run unmoderated usability testing securely on your own private server.
    • Thu, Apr 25 2019
  • What's New in Ignite UI for React 2019 April Release

    We announced the launch of Ignite UI for React in February (see our general overview blog). Since then, we've noted a lot of enthusiasm from our users for our React components, and our dev team has been working very hard to add new values to the React library.

    Today, I am very excited to share new features included in this release!

    This 2019 April release includes the following updates:

    • Interaction features to the…
    • Mon, Apr 22 2019
  • What’s New in 19.1: Ultimate UI for WPF

    Every developer knows that technology moves fast, and sometimes it can be difficult to keep up.  Just when you think you have it all figured out, something changes and you have to change direction to adapt and stay current. That is exactly what we are doing with this latest release of Infragistics Ultimate for WPF in our newest 19.1 release. Here at Infragistics, we do our best to stay up to date with the latest technology…

    • Mon, Apr 22 2019
  • What’s New in 19.1: Ultimate UI for Windows Forms

    Starting in our 18.1 Ultimate UI for Windows Forms release, we aimed to provide the most complete Microsoft Excel & Spreadsheet solution for .NET application development. Now, in our 19.1 release, we continue to achieve that goal by bringing the power of Excel Charting directly into your WIndows Forms applications.

    Let’s take a look at what we’re shipping in Infragistics Ultimate for Windows Forms 19.1.

    • Mon, Apr 22 2019
  • Write Your First Program in Microsoft’s Bosque Language—A Step by Step Approach

    Microsoft launched a new language called Bosque Language. This is in an experimental phase and designed for writing code that is simple, obvious, and easy to reason about for both humans and machines. This language has TypeScript-like syntax and JavaScript-inspired semantics. 

    Some of the main features of the Bosque language are:

    • Improved developer productivity
    • Increased software quality
    • New range of compilers and developer…
    • Mon, Apr 22 2019
  • C# Basics: Delegates

    Delegates are one of the most used features of C#.  It allows you to pass a function as of function pointer. It is kind of same as function pointer of C++.

    Put simply, delegates are the same as a function pointer of C ++. It refers to another function.  

    As noted in Microsoft official documentation:

    “A delegate is a type that represents references to methods with a particular parameter list and return type. When you instantiate…

    • Thu, Apr 18 2019
  • Simplest way to share data between two unrelated Components in Angular

    In Angular, it is essential to know how components communicate with each other. If you use a component inside another component, they create a parent child relationship.  In such a scenario, parent and child components communicate to each other in following ways:

    • @Input()
    • @Output()
    • Temp Ref Variable
    • ViewChild and ContentChild

     You can learn in detail about @Input here   and @Output here. In this blog post, you will learn…

    • Tue, Apr 9 2019
  • Type of Undeclared Variable in JavaScript: What is it?

    Have you ever thought, what is type of undeclared variable in JavaScript? I know, the first thing that might come to mind is: how can an undeclared variable have a type? Yes, in JavaScript it is possible.

    To understand it, let us start with understanding types in JavaScript. There are seven built in types in JavaScript. They are as follows:

    1. null
    2. undefined
    3. boolean
    4. number
    5. string
    6. object
    7. symbol (added on ES6)

    Each variable…

    • Fri, Apr 5 2019