Ignite UI for Angular 10.0.0 Release

Radoslav Mirchev / Friday, July 17, 2020

Angular 10 is here and Ignite UI 10.0.0 is good to go!

Angular 10 has been released! And while this release is focused more on ecosystem improvements, there is still much to be excited about. At Infragistics, we strive to provide  you with the best possible user experience and keep you up-to-date with the latest versions of frameworks, platforms and technology. That is why we  are excited to share that we have released Ignite UI for Angular 10.0.0 just hours after the Angular 10 release! As Konstantin Dinev, our Director of Product Development tweeted: "We're hitting our lucky numbers today with the merge of our Product Release bumping Angular dependency to 10 in Ignite UI for Angular."

 It has been just 23 days after our last major release - Ignite UI for Angular 9.1.0 and we come with new content. Let's see what is new in with our Angular grid:

Behavioral Changes in the Grid:

Group rows now display the group column's header name instead of field one when is available.

Behavioral Changes in the Select, Combo and Drop-Down components:

The select, combo, and drop-down components now have, display block and text-overflow ellipsis enabled by default.

Pagination Templating

The paging area supports templating by the user, if a template reference is passed to the Grid during initialization. In the documentation you can find example how a template where the pagination is controlled through an input.

Hint support for Select component

 We have added igxHint directive support in the igxSelect component.

Update on the Range Date Picker component inputs

Now, the Range Date picker component will update its input values on each calendar interaction using input projections. That update enhances user experience of the component.

Option to hide the group area row in the grid

We have added `showGroupArea` input, which can be used to enable/disable the group area row. As stated from one of our GIT contributors @jdk339: "This is useful because sometimes the grouping may never change, so the user does not need to worry about, or try to control, how the table is grouped."

Event arguments

 Three new event arguments that contain a reference to the row data, as well as a reference to the column are available in the grid.

  • onCellEdit
  • onCellEditEnter
  • onCellEditCancel

And three more that contain reference to the row data.

  • onRowEdit
  • onRowEditEnter
  • onRowEditCancel

Ignite UI CLI 6.0.0

 Ignite UI CLI is also up to date with Angular 10 and Ignite UI 10.0.0. With the new release you can use the Step-By-Step mode of the CLI and choose one of the frameworks - Angular, React or jQuery.

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