Welcome to the IG Backlog: Week of 9/22/17

Infragistics Team / Friday, September 22, 2017

Welcome to our first edition of “The IG Backlog,” a roundup of news that matters to developers and their colleagues that we think you may have missed while you were heads down clearing your own backlog this week.

Photo Credit: Apple

So without further ado, here are some of the top news items you may have missed this week:

  1. iOS 11 – You probably heard something about some new iPhones, and iOS 11 rolled out this week… and everyone has an opinion on the new OS & the best new features, from Mashable, to The Register and even Teen Vogue. We’d love to hear what (if anything) YOU are excited about in the new release. What do you think of the all-new App Store?
  2. Better Patched Than Poached – Looks like the 143 MILLION Equifax customers could have been saved a lot of headaches if the company had patched a critical vulnerability. CNN Money reports: How the Equifax data breach happened: What we know now.
  3. How responsible are tech companies for their content?Facebook announced yesterday that they are going to turn copies of 3,000 political ads from the 2016 Election that were purchased by Russian accounts over to congressional investigators. The Washington Post has the latest: Facebook to turn over thousands of Russian ads to Congress, reversing decision.
  4. In related news, some reporters decided that the ‘frequently bought together’ feature from Amazon is encouraging terrorists. Huh? Bloomberg reports: Amazon Reviewing Site After Algorithm Suggests Bomb Supplies, but Pinboard creator Maciej Cegłowski thinks reporters are overacting to the purchases of hobbyists. He lays it out on his blog: Anatomy of a Moral Panic.  

What do you think? Is the new iOS going to be great for developers? Is there a better way to make sure companies are able to stay on top of patches in the world of continuous delivery? Do you think Facebook should do more to disclose who buys political ads and/or should Amazon be monitoring their algorithm to see if their customers might have nefarious intentions?

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