What's New in 17.2: Ultimate UI for WPF

Brian Lagunas / Tuesday, November 14, 2017

We’re proud to announce the following new features and improvements in Infragistics Ultimate UI for WPF. With new themes, new charts, and enhanced charting features, WPF helps you build great apps faster than ever. Our new control configurators help you shave hours off development time with point-and-click configuration and design, without writing a single line of XAML. Here are the new features and improvements for version 17.2.  


New Control Configurators  

For the 17.2 launch, WPF will include control configurators for the first time. There are five in the installer: Linear Gauge, Radial Gauge, Bullet Graph, Pie Chart, and Category Chart. You can now visually configure these controls in a WYSIWYG point-and-click experience, and use QuickSets to take advantage of pre-designed styles — or customize your own. Just launch the configurator with a single click, then easily customize the design of elements such as needles, ranges, layouts, and more. And you can do it all without writing a single line of XAML 


New Royal Light Theme  

Requests have been pouring in for a lighter version of the Royal Dark theme that was released in 16.2, and we have deliveredThe new Royal Light theme keeps the purple accents and modern feel of Royal Dark, but with lighter backgrounds and chromes. Like all Infragistics themes, it’s supported by the Infragistics WPF Theme Manager component and ships with support for the common Microsoft intrinsic controls out of the box. 


New Scatter and Shape Charts 

Two new chart controls enable you to display X/Y data in a variety of scatter configurations, with smart data adapters to automatically choose the right visualization for your data.  


The Infragistics WPF Scatter Chart (CTP) includes Point, Bubble, Area, Contour, High Density, Line, or Spline chart types. It’s a lightweight, high-performance chart that’s easy to configure with a simple, intuitive API. 


The Infragistics WPF Shape Chart expands the functionality of the Scatter Chart with two additional visualizations, Polyline and Polygon. You can plot data from shape files or any custom shape, which you can define using a collection of collections of X/Y data points. Use the smart data adapter to automatically choose the right chart for your bound data, or select from Point, Bubble, Area, Contour, High Density, Line, Spline, Polyline, or Polygon. 


The Shape Chart can also render break-even data, as long as at least one data item has FixedCost, VariableCost, SalesRevenue, and SalesUnits data columns.   


Improvements to the WPF Data Chart   

The Data Chart has been enhanced with an improved Date/Time Axis that eliminates some of the old version’s quirks and adds some new capabilities. You can now use Axis Breaks to configure the X-axis to omit dates within a range  for example, skipping weekends or any other range of dates that you consider insignificantYou can also configure Dynamic Intervals based on the current visible range of the axis; for example, if the visible range is a year, you can show labels every month, or every hour for a visible range of one day. Dynamic Label Formats can be configured based on the visible range as well; format labels as MM/dd for a visible range of one year, or hh:mm for a visible range of a day.   


Another improvement is that the Data chart now supports four new scatter series to create rich visualizations of X/Y data: 

  • Scatter Area Series draws a colored surface based on a triangulation of X and Y coordinates with a numeric value assigned to each pixel of the surface. This is especially helpful for plotting scientific data such as the strength of a magnetic field, 3-D shapes projected onto a 2-D plane, or the correlation among three numeric columns.  


  • Scatter Contour Series visualizes data in the same manner as the Scatter Area Series, but uses contour lines instead of interpolated surface area. 


  • Scatter Polyline Series can plot outlines of custom shapes that are defined using a collection of collections of X/Y data points. It can show multiple connections between data points to indicate relegations, or build a view of networks. 


  • Scatter Polygons Series can plot custom filled shapes that are defined using a collection of collections of X/Y data points, very helpful for highlighting regions in the plot area of the chart. 



Download Infragistics Ultimate for WPF today to get the latest controls and enhancements for creating modern, engaging apps for desktop and touch devicesAnd if you’re not already using the full Ultimate UI developer toolkit, start your free 30-day trial to discover how our complete set of products can help you create better apps.