What's New in 17.2: Ignite UI

Infragistics Team / Tuesday, November 14, 2017

As you’ve likely noticed in our “Reasons to Get Started” and our post about how “Angular is putting PWAs to Work,” our biggest update is the launch of the Ignite UI for Angular component set, but that’s not all.

Ignite UI for Angular features 30+ true Angular UI components, including:


The Grid component provides the capability to display and manipulate tabular data. The Grid component is easy to use, enabling developers to quickly bind their data to the grid, with very little coding or configuration required. It includes the most popular grid features, like filtering, sorting, paging, templates, movable columns, column hiding, and the ability to edit and update data. The Grid component also has easy-to-understand user interactions and is fully controllable programmatically.

Sketch UI Kit

Ignite UI for Angular comes together with a free Sketch library of symbols that match the output from Ignite UI for Angular components. Quickly put together a pixel-perfect design that a developer will code in no time.

Extensive Style Guide

To make going from screen and application design to implementation even easier, we’re providing an extensive style guide to go together with Ignite UI for Angular and the material guidelines we’ve designed it according to. Choosing the color palettes, typography, and even shadows is now easier than ever.


For a full listing of Ignite UI for Angular components, check here.

Ignite UI for JavaScript

The 17.2 update to our product formerly known as Ignite UI for JavaScript/HTML5 also comes with a host of new features.

Ignite UI CLI 

The purpose is to provide a fully functional Command Line Interface (CLI), which enables developers to set up and quick-start their project. The main purpose of the CLI tool is to automate manual processes, including (but not limited to) these:

  • Setting up a repository for their project
  • Setting up build systems and other tools for their projects
  • Setting up dependencies for their projects (scripts, libraries, frameworks)
  • Setting up the technology of choice (ES5, 6, 2016, TypeScript, Angular, React, AngularJS, etc.)
  • Bringing modules into their projects (AMD, bundlers, minification)
  • Setting up views in their project
  • Setting up styling for their project
  • Quick adoption by Angular and Ember CLI users

The CLI tool needs to simplify building modern web applications by providing a simple way to kick-start development by creating project and structure for it, which includes Ignite UI. It also needs to simplify significantly getting started and the further usage of Ignite UI and its extensions. Ideally, the CLI should provide all the functionalities an IDE would provide.

  • Free – pulling ignite-ui OSS from npmjs
  • Paid – pulling ignite-ui-full from our private npm registry with corresponding authentication.


The CLI will have open distribution policy and will be accessible to current and potential clients on GitHub.


The igShapeChart is a lightweight, high-performance chart that be easily configured to display scatter data using an extremely simple and intuitive API. All you need to do is bind X/Y data (either as an array or an array of arrays) and the chart will take care of everything else.

This chart uses a smart data adapter to analyze bound data and select the appropriate visualization to render. For example, if the ChartType option is set to "Auto" and the data set consists of three numeric data columns (e.g. X, Y, Radius), a bubble chart will be plotted. However, you can also explicitly specify the chart type by setting the ChartType option to one of 9 supported visualizations: Point, Bubble, Area, Contour, High Density, Line, Spline, Polyline, or Polygon.

In addition, the igShapeChart can render break-even data as long as at least one data item has FixedCost, VariableCost, SalesRevenue, and SalesUnits data columns.

Our JavaScript Grid now provides support for physical cell merging, the Schedule component has added support for recurring events along with Day and Week Views, and Ignite UI for JavaScript now supports ASP.NET Core 2.0. To learn more about Ignite UI for JavaScript controls, check here. 

Click here for directions on how to install Ignite UI for Angular, then sign up for a free 30-day trial that includes set-up along with enterprise-ready support. Call one of our five worldwide offices to set up a product demo. We’re excited to hear what you think.