Mobile Security: Using SharePlus in the Enterprise

Jason Beres [Infragistics] / Monday, February 6, 2012

PasscodeOne of the first questions that comes up when talking about mobile access to server assets is usually “how are you ensuring data security?”.  As you know, when it comes to any IT department, security is going to be something that they care about most (even ahead of server uptime).

Since SharePlus is an iPad / Android / Blackberry Playbook App, there are multiple options for securing your data that come for ‘free’:

  • Native hardware encryption
  • Passcode lock on the device
  • Remote-wipe in case the device is stolen or lost via offerings like Apple’s Mobile Me


In most instances, one of those security measures is going to satisfy your IT security czar.  However, SharePlus has additional security features that further increase the safety of your data on devices:


  • Windows & Forms Based Authentication (plus optional custom web login forms)
  • Microsoft ISA Server & Forefront Authentication
  • Client Certificate Authentication, HTTPS SSL Self-Signed Certificates
  • Hardware based encryption of locally stored SharePoint files
  • Centralized configuration management of top-level and sub-site access in SharePoint
  • Passcode lock at the application level – allowing you to enable data-wipe after a pre-set number of failed login attempts
  • Multi factor authentication, such as challenge-response questions like ‘City Where You Were Born’ or ‘Mothers Maiden Name’
  • Integration with 3rd party security offerings like Good for Enterprise


Last but not least, the most significant security feature of SharePlus is that it is battle-tested in the market.  With over 500,000 deployments of SharePlus in the last 24 months, we have run into many security scenarios and situations which has made SharePlus the most secure SharePoint app on the market.  These security scenarios include the single to multiple SMB deployments as well as larger 20,000+ deployments in the financial services vertical, to even larger deployments in the telecommunications vertical.  Even better, we’ve had two PEN Tests completed for SharePlus.  If you are not familiar with PEN Tests, they are independent security tests designed to simulate hackers attempting gain access to an app on a device.  In both tests, we came out stronger.

If you’d like to talk more about the security in SharePlus, or if there is a gap you think we need to fill, leave a comment on the blog or shoot me an email at