SharePoint on the iPad: SharePlus Webinar Wrap Up

Jason Beres [Infragistics] / Saturday, February 18, 2012

 Thanks for attending the SharePlus webinar this week, there was a huge turnout and the interaction was awesome. I wanted to post the slides and follow up on some of the Q&A that went on during the chat.


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Deck: Infragistics SharePlus - SharePoint on the iPad



I’ve compiled the Q&A below, and added / enhanced some of the answers where possible.  If you have any other questions, please shoot me an email at

Q:  Do you have to have anonymous access enabled for SharePlus to work?

A. No, you do not need to have anonymous access enabled.  SharePlus supports the most commonly used SharePoint security models

Q: How is this different that SP workspaces

A: SharePlus provides similar sync functionality.  The main difference is that SharePlus provides a "native" mobile experience.

Q:What about compatibility with windows mobile smart phones?

A: Windows mobile is on our roadmap.
<comment from viewer> Jason - this is a very cool product!  I have been trying out the free version so far on an Android Tablet.
<comment from viewer>  I am investigating for a solution for our field techs so that they can view and edit if necessary documents that reside on SharePoint while they are in the field

Q: Does SharePlus support sync of item metadata that is being provided through Managed Metadata Service?

A: Yes
<comment from viewer> Thanks cool...
Q: What about compatibility with windows mobile smart phones?

A: Windows mobile is on our roadmap.

Q: One thing that I have not liked is that the list view shows all lists, not the view one 'normally' gets on a SP site where some lists are not shown.

A: Yes, you can show Views for lists.  We also have an Enterprise version that can be configured centrally.

Q:  When you are off-line and have content synched how do you manage security of the data on the device. This is of a great concern to our company.

A:  The data is encrypted – as well there are many security features in SharePlus.  You also have the option of remote wipe of a device if it is stolen.  There is a slide in the deck that covers security. 

Q:  Are there any references using SharePlus in schools?

A:  Yes, we do, but we do not have any case studies posted on this yet.  Stay tuned.

Q: Does SharePlus support claims based auth?

A: Yes.

Q:  Can anyone give me a compelling reason to use IPad app (like the one presented) vs building custom mobile web application utilizing latest technologies like HTML5 and targeting mobile browsers?

A:  Buy an app for $20 bucks that is native and secure (and can edit / sync offline) vs. hire developers to take 2 years to build HTML5 SharePoint for a mobile device?  Seriously?

Q:  How much load does this add to a current SharePoint Infrastructure? Are communications between client and SharePoint server are through web services?

A:  There no additional load add to the SharePoint Infrastructure. Yes, the communication is via web services.

Q:  Do you have multi-language support, including German?

A:  Yes, we do. English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Spanish

Q:  How does the iPad client deal with MS office documents editing?

A:  3rd party applications like QuickOffice can edit Office documents.

Q:  I missed the mention of editing docs offline - does SharePlus Pro handle that or hand off to an app like Docs To Go, QuickOffice, etc.?

A: Hand off to 3rd party apps.  We have native ‘viewers’ but not editors.

Q:  Can you expand on the authentication aspect and the backend requirements on top of the client app installation

A:  There are no server requirements.

Q:  Does it work on Office365 as well ?

A:  Yes, it does integrate with Office365

<comment from viewer> Great appp - going to look more into it...
<comment from viewer> Me too...
<comment from viewer> Looks like a very cool app!   Will have to socialize it around the office...

Q:  Can you customize SharePlus?

A:  Yes, there are customization options via our Enterprise program. 

<comment from viewer> Looks like a great app. Thanks Jason.

Q:  How to connect over internet with SharePoint behind the firewall?

A:  iPad supports VPN

Q:  Will SharePlus be available for Kindle Fire?

A: SharePlus works on Android devices. I'm checking its availability on the Amazon App Store

Q:  So the encryption SharePlus uses is the device encryption can the encryption also be an encryption key that would be managed by a central server in the corporate data center?

A:  iOS has hardware based encryption. You can use 3rd party tools like Good to further encrypt your iPad data.

Q:  What about PerformancePoint dashboards, excel services and other content integrated with SharePoint.

A:  This feature is on our roadmap and is due to be released in an upcoming version.  We currently have a work-around.

<comment from viewer>  I'm using SharePlus Lite on a Toshiba Thrive, running Honeycomb 3.1.  Works fine.

Q:  And for SharePlus Enterprise for the license, it just per user or is it per user per platform?  So if we have users that have Android devices and iOS devices (or both) and they switch between them will we need 2 licenses or just 1?

A:  1 license per platform, since they are from different app stores.  Licensing is per user, per platform.

Q:  Is there a native Playbook SharePlus or should we use the Android version under the Android runtime for Playbook?

A:  Yes, there is a native SharePlus app for the Playbook

Q:  Does the app support InfoPath web based forms ?

A: Yes

Q: Is the data from your web forms eventually used to do CRUD operations on SharePoint items?

A:  Yes.


That’s what I gathered from the transcript.  If you have any other questions, feel free to shoot me an email at  For some quick reminders:

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