Windows Forms 2009.1 Features ...

Jason Beres / Wednesday, March 04, 2009

In the last week or so, I have gotten a bunch of emails asking specifically about the features in the 9.1 release.  It seems with the marketing and excitement around our Silverlight Data Visualization product, there is some fear around our commitment to Windows Forms.  I can assure you we are not backing down on our Windows Forms releases; we have an exciting year ahead of us. 

Let me highlight what is coming in the April release of 2009.1:

  • WinGrid - RowLayout Group Headers
  • WinGrid - Excel Style Filtering (Similar UI as Excel Filter)
  • WinGrid - Column Pinning right
  • WinGrid - Column Header Checkbox
  • WinGrid - Sibling Band Order
  • UltraPanel (new control, with scrolling, supports AppStylist & Windows styles)
  • UltraComboEditor  - DropDown Listbox Multiselect
  • UltraCombo - DropDown Listbox Multiselect
  • WinListView Select Range
  • WinSchedule - Better Appointment Drag/Resize support
  • WinSchedule - Owner-Specific working days/hours
  • WinSchedule - Individual TimeSlot Appearance


We had the following items slotted, but they didn’t make the QA for 2009.1, so we are targeting them for 2009.2:

  • WinSchedule - More Flexibility on Appoinment UI restrictions
  • WinGrid - Cell BorderStyle
  • WinGrid - Column Moving Indicators
  • WinGrid - Selected Cell Appearance
  • WinGrid - RowSelector Editing Pencil
  • WinGrid - GroupBy Row Selector Appearance


So for rest of the 2009.2 features, we are prioritizing the list now.  We have thousands of requests in the system, we weight the market need on features based on the number of requests and if there is a significant gap in feature or control of the toolset.  I have seen some recent requests around WinTree Printing & Exporting to Excel.  We’ve also seen a lot of requests around Export to Excel features.  I hope you guys understand that we can’t get to every request, we do our best to add as much as we can in every release but unfortunately we need to ship eventually so it comes down to some agnozing decisions on some features.  So I encourage that if you want a feature, talk about it in the forums, send me an email, or request it by contacting developer support.  The more requests for a feature, the more likely it is going to make it into the release.   

So with that being said, I’d love to hear about what is on your mind for 2009.2.  Let me know what you are thinking.  Do you want new features?  New controls? Are you thinking about WIndows 7?  And let me know how you’d like to be involved in this process, I am open to all ideas!



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