Webinar: Optimizing WPF and XamDataGrid Performance

Kiril Matev / Friday, March 29, 2013

Overwhelmingly, WPF has been the platform of choice for desktop applications over the course of the last couple of years. It enables developers to quickly build flexible desktop applications which can be easily customized and styled. However, due to the fact that the platform enables customization on such a granular level, very often such extensive customization starts having a negative impact on performance. In this webinar I described the major points to keep in mind to ensure a high level of performance.

As the grid control is the mainstay of the vast majority of applications, I covered the API and approaches you can use to improve the performance of the grid control we provide as part of the NetAdvantage for WPF product - XamDataGrid. The XamDataGrid is the fastest fully-featured WPF grid control on the market, and our customers are using it to handle the full range of scenarios from the most visually customized to the high-performance real-time data displays. The webinar will illustrate how to improve the performance of WPF applications in general, and how to specifically improve sorting/filtering, scrolling and startup times of views using the XamDataGrid.

You can watch the full webinar here.

You can find the slides for this webinar here.

You can download the samples I used during the webinar here:

Using WPF and XamDataGrid in high-performance settings requires customizations which are covered in the blog posts above and in the webinar. You can now reach out to your users to find the key areas in need of improvement and use this guidance to improve the performance of your application.