Interactive Working and Collaboration in ReportPlus

Mobile Man / Monday, October 12, 2015

The term data usually refers to information which has been formatted in a particular way. As we know, data is a hugely valuable tool in the world of business and collaboration. It can exist in many forms, ranging from memories in our minds, to the mega and gigabytes we store in the electronic memories of our machines. We have even amassed data about data, which is more commonly referred to as Metadata and describes how and when a particular piece of data was collected and formatted.

One fairly recent addition to the world of Data is called “Big Data”. Big data is large pools of information that can be collated and analyzed to help identify patterns and trends, which can then be used to influence better decisions. Many people believe that this will become the future for the growth of big businesses by enabling us to enhance current levels of productivity and improve ways of interactive working.

When big data is combined with the data users generate when working in collaboration, it can often be difficult to know how to make the most effective use of all this information. This issue is compounded by the fact that much of our daily work is now conducted on mobile devices and on the move. Excel, once the go to tool for data manipulation, is no longer the obvious answer (Its mobile variants aren’t quite in the same league as the desktop version). So what approach to take?

ReportPlus is an answer

ReportPlus enables users to easily participate in both data discovery and visualization, whilst simultaneously ensuring they are never too far away from the latest information. This helps users to make well informed decisions in real time, which is something that could typically only be achieved retrospectively before. Being equipped with the tools to quickly have the latest information helps users to be confident in their ability to make the best and most well informed decisions in real time.

One of the key features of ReportPlus is the ability to create an interactive dashboard directly from the mobile app. This is a service that is unique to ReportPlus and makes a massive difference to genuine productivity.

Simple example - during a sales pitch meeting ReportPlus allows salespeople to not only access sales data right there and then, but present it in a way that makes sense to the people in the meeting. No need to stop the meeting, go and find a copy of something like Excel and start to draw conclusions from tables of numbers.

The Enterprise version of the app includes a plethora of features that will cater to the needs of the more advanced users, including advanced data protection and connectivity options like Oracle and Salesforce. Three other key features we believe make it an essential part of the BI solutions of today’s enterprise.

1. Easy Collaboration with Colleagues

ReportPlus enables us to work with an efficient and easy to use communication and sharing platform. Your colleagues and fellow team members can share dashboards and reports with you directly via the app or send files without changing the screen. The app also has annotation and commenting features so that you can communicate your thoughts on sections of the dashboards. Exporting directly to Microsoft Word, PowerPoint or PDF is another handy feature that helps teams collaborate and present their data insights.

2. Interactive Customization Options

The ability to add customized charts and pivot tables will bring your data to life. We can now communicate our KPIs like never before by connecting ReportPlus to our SharePoint lists and Excel files. This even helps our colleagues to make better decisions when sharing data reports with them. Your reports can be fully customized with clean eye-catching designs which should ensure your team are drawn towards the important insights in your data

3. A Wide Variety of Data Sources Available

The ability to give yourself access to your data regardless of where it’s stored is an essential feature of ReportPlus. The multi-data source joining capabilities also allow us to create dashboards that connect even the most obscure pieces of data in the same view. We’re now able to create dashboards from virtually any source and connect them all in the same view.

Enabling New Ways of Interactive Working

If you want to support better interactive working within your team then ReportPlus is a powerful option. Mobile working is an important aspect of the future of successful collaboration and Big Data is slowly solving the problem of sample sizes being too small to draw conclusions from. ReportPlus combines all of these elements in an app that makes it easy to manipulate and visualize data in real-time.