SharePlus Now Supports Google Drive

Mobile Man / Thursday, March 24, 2016

Despite all the hoopla and brouhaha surrounding cloud services, the truth is that storing data in cloud services generally means saving information online using backup services. And while cloud services are very useful, businesses are aware of the perils of having documents strewn across different cloud providers. Every cloud user has experienced at least one fast-paced, panic-driven search for a document through multiple systems. And with the proliferation of cloud storages and enterprise software, business users need a mobile application with centralized access to all cloud services they use for work. Once again, SharePlus from Infragistics responds to this need.

Now integrated with Google Drive, the new SharePlus version allows you to access your documents and work without limits from anywhere. All of your work available on your mobile device, ready for you to share and collaborate.

Why you should use Google Drive in SharePlus

SharePlus is a unique platform which lets you mobilize your SharePoint investment and enable teams to access content from multiple file sources on premise or in the Cloud on their devices. While it previously only offered integration with Microsoft SharePoint, the stakes have been raised by expanding its integrations to include Google Drive, Dropbox, Network Drives and OneDrive for Business

SharePlus offers a native previewer to display your documents, and also relies on 3rd party applications to edit them. Google’s Docs, Sheets and Slides offer the perfect opportunity for team collaboration using SharePlus’ “Open In” functionality.

Changes to documents will be automatically synced when using Google Apps via SharePlus

You simply need to add Google Drive as a content source inside SharePlus, and you’ll have your SharePoint and Google Drive files in a centralized mobile space! When editing your Google Drive documents inside SharePlus, your experience is enhanced by the auto-saving and auto-syncing capabilities of the Google apps which send your updates directly into Google Drive (including updates to your Starred documents). In case of any connectivity issues, your Docs, Sheets and Slides can be synchronized when you are able to join a working network.

You will need to have the Google apps (Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides) installed on your device to make sure changes are being updated automatically. If you choose to edit your Google Drive files with the help of other apps, like the Microsoft Office suite, your changes will not be reflected in Google Drive or SharePlus.

Google Drive documents can be easily moved to other file locations in SharePlus

No more scattered documents! With the new version of SharePlus, you will be able to move Google Drive files to your SharePoint portals, Dropbox, OneDrive for Business, or ultimately any Network Drives shared with you. You choose how to organize your information fast and easy.

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