SharePoint as a Productivity Tool in the Modern Workplace: Our Top 10 Picks

Mobile Man / Monday, June 08, 2015

Mobile workforce, 24/7 connectivity, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), IoT, Cloud Computing … in the last few years the needs of individuals, teams and enterprises have become more complex than ever before. SharePoint, as one of the most widely used enterprise collaboration tools, tries to keep up with this new flexible work style. What is SharePoint’s current story and what features are Microsoft planning on their product roadmaps?

See our Top-10 list of blog pieces on the latest SharePoint innovations released and the new features expected in SharePoint and Office 365, as well as some practical insights on how to mobilize your SharePoint content:

1. The Microsoft Roadmap: Enterprise collaboration tools – what significant releases of Microsoft Office, SharePoint, Visual Studio, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM to expect in the coming months of 2015;

2. What's new on the Office 365 roadmap? – keep up with the most important changes announced on the Office 365 roadmap, regarding Yammer, OneDrive for Business, Outlook for iOS and Android, and Lync support for Mac;

3. Five ways going mobile with SharePoint increases efficiency – how enabling mobile collaboration can be a game-changer for enterprise team productivity;

4. Bringing a Mobile SharePoint Solution to Your Enterprise – which are the benefits from implementing a mobile SharePoint solution in your enterprise;

5. The Office 365 API vs. SharePlus for Building Mobile SharePoint Solutions – on the advantages of using SharePlus, a mobile SharePoint platform, versus using the Office 365 API for developing personalized enterprise-wide mobile SharePoint solutions for Android and iOS;

6. The Social Side of SharePoint – SharePoint is gradually becoming the social hub of the modern workplace. Learn more about Document Conversations and Groups in Office 365, Yammer in SharePoint, Delve - the next generation start page for your documents, and more;

7. Three tools every SharePoint tester needs to know about – the three testing tools that we think are absolutely essential for SharePoint managers, developers, and QA's;

8. How will Microsoft replace InfoPath forms in SP? - InfoPath allowed business and power users to build forms in portals. In this post we look at some alternatives to InfoPath;

9. What can we expect from SharePoint 2016? -  Will Microsoft provide us with the best of both worlds - SharePoint On-Premises features in conjunction with Office 365 in the Cloud?

10. Customize SharePoint Data on the Move – how to embrace the “bring your own device’ movement with custom mobile SharePoint views for iOS and Android devices.

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