Visualize a Spreadsheet in Less than a Minute with ReportPlus

Mobile Man / Thursday, July 7, 2016

Work environments may be ever-changing, but deadlines are deadlines - often non-negotiatable terms. While nothing makes us more productive than the last minute, we live in a world of no excuses: you either deliver your work successfully and on time, or you underperform. Missing a deadline might even mean losing a contract, even if it’s over something as simple as a proposal or a presentation, you’d better have a solid alibi if your work isn’t ready on time. Sound familiar?

Even with enough time, your audience will usually have high expectations regarding the visuals you’re presenting and will quickly lose interest if what you are showing is confusing or unclear. Problem is, when you’re in a hurry and look to software for help, you usually end up with something similar to this:

Don’t panic! Once again, ReportPlus steps up to the plate and delivers an efficient and easy solution for you to create stunning charts and dashboards out of spreadsheets in minutes.

Visualize your spreadsheet in the blink of an eye

With the new ReportPlus Desktop application, you can connect to your spreadsheets (Excel, CSVs, Google Sheets) in real time and turn them into interactive charts with only a few clicks.

Start by connecting to your spreadsheet’s data source – local or cloud file. ReportPlus works with live data without storing or copying it, so whenever anything in your original spreadsheet changes, the changes can be refreshed in ReportPlus as well.

With ReportPlus, you can also select the sheet you want to visualize. Why have equally important charts in different sheets? You can now see all of them in a single easy-to-read dashboard.

Select a section of your spreadsheet to visualize

Working with an impossibly big spreadsheet? No need to modify it with Excel! Bring it directly to ReportPlus and select the range of cells you want to work with:

  • Determine whether the First row contains labels. Unselecting the first row creates a second one with the raw label data.

  • Dynamically choose the range selection, which can prove to be particularly useful when working with bigger data sets. Simply enter your range using excel-format ranges (A1:B8, B2:C7, and similar).

Drag and drop the fields you want to see in your chart

Want to see your sales data by sales rep? Drag the respective ‘Sales’ field to the ‘Values’ box and the ‘Salesperson’ field to the ‘Rows’ box, and you’re ready!

And the most exciting part – pick a chart

After you’ve selected your data, it’s time to choose the chart that will give it the most meaning.

Would it be a bar chart or a pie chart— maybe a trend line? Or how about using a real map to visualize the locations found in your spreadsheet? The choice is yours – test out what works best for you in a matter of seconds!

Try it out and make a difference

We’ve only touched the surface of what ReportPlus Desktop can do to enhance your reporting experience.

Interested in finding out more about ReportPlus? Try our ReportPlus Desktop free demo now, learn on-demand with our free training videos and support documentation, or contact us to see the wonders ReportPlus can do for your team’s productivity!