Windows File Share (Network Drives) Now Accessible on Mobile with SharePlus

Mobile Man / Monday, March 21, 2016

Shared Drives across a network are an essential, secure way of storing and sharing  documents; it is the preferred method of collaboration by businesses, colleges and government agencies. Unlike Cloud services, where there is usually one account per individual, there’s no limit on the number of Shared Drives you or your colleagues might have.

However, there are some limits. Businesses usually restrict the access to Network Drives; in some cases, users are discouraged from storing files outside their internal Drives. This might be convenient security-wise, but it poses a tremendous challenge to both mobility and team collaboration. Online guides with instructions on how to access your Drive from a mobile device never involve less than 7 or 8 steps, and none of those steps are easy breezy. Once again, SharePlus simplifies the process for you.

Access your Network Drive in less than three steps!

Accessing your Network Drive is an easy two-step process and doesn’t involve any tweaking. Simply go to the Documents tab in SharePlus, tap “+” and enter your details.

Take advantage of mobilizing your Shared Drives

Avoid having all of your data stuck in one single place with restricted access. Here are a few reasons why you should mobilize your Network Drives with SharePlus:

  • It allows for centralized access to all storages. Aside from your Shared Drive, you can also access all your other storage services (including Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive for Business and, of course, SharePoint).
  • Importing files is easy and quick. Once your Network Drive has been configured, you can import files from your device’s Local Files and Photo Albums. You can also create new files using Audio Recordings and your Camera.

Team collaboration made easy by SharePlus

It has become common practice for businesses to require that their users save their information in an individual Shared Drive. Some of them will have a small C:\ Drive that allows temporary saving but gets wiped daily. With no access to a truly shared service, sharing data between co-workers can become a grueling task. SharePlus not only lets you configure multiple Shared Drives, but it also lets you edit in real time. When using the built-in iOS editors, you will be able to update your Network Drives with the new, edited document.

In iOS, there is also a built-in PDF annotator that helps you include useful notes or symbols for later reference.

Time to take control: one mobile place for all Drives

Delivering a truly mobile experience, SharePlus helps you work the way you want, keeping you productive and in-sync across your mobile devices.

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