Ensuring Business Innovation – SxSW Interactive 2015

Kevin Richardson, Ph.D. / Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Friends – I’ve submitted a talk to the 2015 SxSW Interactive conference. If you like my concept and my video, please take a moment to follow the link (http://panelpicker.sxsw.com/vote/31967) and vote for me. Thanks very much!


Businesses tend to believe that innovation means “one big idea” that erupts from the minds of a chosen few “creative” individuals. 

Sticking to this model, innovation occurs unreliably, infrequently and at great expense. Don’t believe me? Make a list of all the truly innovative products, services, processes and software you can think of. It’s a pretty small list. Now take a look at how often these innovations occur. Most creations are derivative works that attempt to eke out small improvements on existing designs. We should not be OK with this.

What if there was a way to ensure innovation on every project timeline? A process that, if followed, would inevitably lead to the creation of artifacts that improved people’s lives in ways they could not have requested? What if we could have consistent, repeatable, affordable innovation?

We can. And design holds the key.

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Ensuring Business Innovation in a (Mediocre) Business World



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