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Update on NetAdvantage for .NET Hotfix
I’m posting today to let you know the current status of the next hotfix release for NetAdvantage for .NET. As some have you may be aware, we experienced an infrastructure interruption which impacted our ability to complete testing of the hotfix as originally planned. Once we recovered from the infrastructure interruption, we immediately resumed testing of the hotfix and have completed several rounds of regression testing. Unfortunately, we have identified several issues during the last round of regression testing this week which we are now working to fix and retest. With these issues in mind, we have made the decision to do further testing before releasing the hotfix. We understand and regret the impact this delay is having on our you and your customers. However, we feel it is necessary to take the time to ensure we deliver a high quality hotfix release. Please be assured that we are working hard to release the hotfix as quickly as possible.  For your planning purposes, I also wanted to tell you that we commit to delivering 9 hotfix releases per year.  We will not deliver hotfix releases during the month prior to shipping NetAdvantage for .NET (Jan, May, September).  At the beginning of each month, we will let you know if we plan to ship a hotfix during that month and if so, we will let you know when you can expect the hotfix within a two week period.  Because of the nature of our QA cycle, it is impossible to pinpoint the exact date until we are far along in the testing cycle. We promise to keep you posted through my blog to give you more specifics as they become available. Regards, Ayoola OgunsolaDirector, Quality and Release Engineering
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    Please forgive my directness, but I think I speak for many here when I say I, personally and professionally, don't give a darn about all of your excuses about why this hotfix is late.

    When will this hotfix be delivered, and what ASSURANCES do we have that this type of situation will NEVER be repeated?

    Jason Lockridge
    Sr. Programmer
    SmithSystems, Inc.
    Los Angeles

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    Sorry, but I'm going to have to agree with the comment from Jason Lockridge.  This paticular hotfix has stopped production in our application.  Everyday my customers are asking me when will this be fixed.  I then relay the dates that IG has given to me.  It is frustrating when I have to contact them and tell them again that fix will be delayed again.  They are already starting to lose confidence in me as a developer.  In their eyes it isn't IG's fault.  They have no clue who IG is.  In their eyes it is my fault and my commitments that keep getting broke.  I understand there are many different reasons that this hasn't been released, but I would think that this fix is more important then your regular hot fixes.  My customers do not care why it is broke.  My customers do not understand what a "major technical issue"  and do not care to understand what that means.  Frankly, I am not sure I know what that means.    I guess the reason I write this is to let you know that not only do you have an impact on developers but you have impact on their reputation and the company's reputation.  I would love to know the steps that are going to be taken to make sure that a major bug fix will not have such a delay as this one is having.  


    Matthew Mulkey

    Senior Developer

    Norfolk Southren 

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     This is simply ridicoulous. "infrastructure interruption"??? This is the lamest excuse I have ever heard. 

    I wouldnt complain if there were only minor bugs, but there are some bugs that make some of the feature simply useless.

    You cannot use AJAX on a webgrid (you cannot retrieve the selected row), sorting with Ajax  enabled does not exactly work as expcted, there are a lot of problems with Firefox and Webmenu, Webdialog does only work with the simplest controls (using more sohisticated controls doesnt work) and the list goes on and on.

     In the end you spend twice the time finding a work around for a bug/proble, then writing you own control. And then they are releasing the hotfix only to their "Premium" customers. 


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    Offline posted

    I can only reiterate what Jason of SmithSystems has already so eloquently pointed out.

    We simply need the fix.  If that means IG working 24x7, then make it so.

    The new controls are buggy as others have pointed out to the point of being useless.  When is the hotfix going to be delivered?  This week?  This Month?  This quarter?