Improved Collaboration, More Customization and Other New Features in Quince

Craig Shoemaker / Monday, June 28, 2010

The Quince team has done it again with a number of new features aimed at team workflow. This round of additions is heavy on helping make the assets in Quince more accessible and easier to maintain. Read on for full details on what’s new!

Subscription Manager

To provide greater security for your subscription, we’ve created the role of Subscription Manager. These folks manage everything at the subscription level, and now librarians simply manage their libraries at that level. The owner of the subscription starts out as the very first Subscription Manager and they are able to promote more managers by visiting View Subscriptions.

Members Can Annotate

Members are now able to contribute on examples in a greater degree because now they can create their own annotations. To change this permission, simply visit the Design Library’s Preferences.

Customize Notifications

Not only have we expanded the types of notifications you receive from Quince so that your can stay current with the activities in your design libraries, but we’ve also allowed you to customize them so that you’re getting just the ones you’re interested in. Visit Customize Account to check out these options.

Organize Libraries

Customize the design libraries that display in Quince so that way you can focus only on libraries that you are active in, instead of all libraries available to you in the subscription.

Add Public Patterns to Design Libraries

Add public patterns to your private design libraries to encourage their usage amongst your team in the context of your projects.

Share Private Patterns between Design Libraries

Patterns in your design libraries can now be shared between them in order to improve consistency across projects and teams.