Video: Windows Phone 7 and the Robotic T-Shirt Cannon with Clint Rutkas

Craig Shoemaker / Monday, June 21, 2010

Jumping off stuff. Sword fights. And yes, shooting things – these are the basic skills every boy inherently knows he must master. How cool must it be to have a job that asks you to do the same?!

While at TechEd I had the pleasure of interviewing Microsoft’s Clint Rutkas (@clintrutkas) on his t-shirt cannon invention which includes some awesome hardware fully equipped with a remote control on a Windows Phone 7 device. The project was requested by the master of red shirts himself, and the Coding4Fun blog has an amusing account of how the cannon went from idea to reality in two weeks.

Photo by Vetala Hawkins of Filmateria Digital

In the video you see Clint explain how the application was built along with an explanation of the hardware used. Oh yeah and best of all - see him shoot stuff :)

Watch the video here.