What's in the NetAdvantage for jQuery 2011.2 December Service Release?

Craig Shoemaker / Friday, January 13, 2012

Update API Reference

Updated Home Page

The home page of the NetAdvantage for jQuery API reference is updated to include screenshots of featured controls accompanied by direct links to help topics, samples and the individual API reference page.

Updated Control Overview Pages

The Overview tab of each control now features a rich set of content to get you oriented and up and running with the control quickly. The following table lists the improvements available for each control.


You'll quickly know if you're in the right place with screenshots for each control.

Explanation   After the screenshot each Overview tab includes a short description of the control with links to relevant resources.
Code Snippet  

Want to quickly get started coding up a basic interaction of the control? You can use the provided code snippet which includes all the necessary references and helps you get a running control on your page in a matter of minutes.

Related Links   Each control is also accompanied by series of links to related samples and conceptual help topics.

2,000 New & Updated API Code Snippets

You can quickly get started with a control by using the copy and paste-ready code snippets. The Options, Events and Methods tabs all feature stubbed out code snippets that demonstrate how to work with each control in the context the option, event or method.

6 New or Updated Samples

igDatePicker: Load and Save Form Values

This sample uses two igDatePicker controls used to demonstrate how to reserve a hotel room. The initial value of the start date is set on the server with the igDatePicker control's ASP.NET MVC helper and entering incorrect values will cause validation to trigger.

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igEditor: Load and Save Form Values

Multiple igEditor controls are shown together in this sample. The values of the editors are set on the server and the code example demonstrates how the changes are saved back to the server once the “Submit” button is pressed.

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igGrid: Column Text Alignment

This sample shows how to align text in a column in the igGrid control. This approach can be used to provide other styles to igGrid columns as well.

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igCombo: Load and Save Form Values

This sample demonstrates how to use the igCombo control in an ASP.NET MVC scenario. The sample contains an input form with three fields: Product name, Product number and Product category which are configured on the server to show product data. Clicking the "Save product" button submits the changes to the server. The code example demonstrates how to persist the data and return a confirmation message to the user.

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igRating: Load and Save Rating Form Values

This sample shows how to use the igRating control and how the control is configured on the server. The code example demonstrates setting the initial value of the control on the server as well as processing and persisting user input. Once the selection is made, the selected rating is stored in a cookie so that subsequent ratings can be used to calculate the average rating.

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igGrid: Grid Editor

* Updated to show enhanced MVC helper API

When using the igCombo control as an editor in the igGrid control, a formatter function is necessary to show the display text of the igCombo control. For performance reasons, the grid uses only one instance of the combo. During editing, the igCombo control commits its selected value to the grid and a JavaScript function is used to persist the selected text when the combo is no longer editing a cell.

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7 New or Updated Help Topics