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[Infragistics] Curtis Taylor / Wednesday, April 27, 2011

This control monster loves controls. I have so many cool things I am itching to tell you about concerning many of our controls. Over time I will share more and more. However, my first priority at Infragistics involves service. The last few months I have been working onsite at various different companies providing consulting and custom training services. These clients discovered that Infragistics provides services that extend the support of our products to also include onsite or remote consulting and training. That’s right, Infragistics does consulting and training! And I am exceedingly excited at the quality of our services. Exceptional services with no excuses!

UI Consulting
Sometimes a solution begs for a custom solution or an expert onsite. I am privileged to be one of the engineers who will come to your company and show you how to solve the difficult problems when it comes to XAML UI development. Sometimes that might involve providing extra support working with or customizing certain Infragistics controls, such as the XamDataGrid or the XamPivotGrid. Other times, it might involve translating your killer ideas into performant custom controls utilizing current best practices for XAML control development. Regardless, customers have had me assist them onsite and remotely working on hard-to-solve XAML problems, writing custom solutions, reviewing their UI, ViewModel code and XAML, as well as providing guidelines for XAML best practices. This has included development working with Prism, WPF, Silverlight, MVVM, ToolKit controls and most lovingly, Infragistics controls!

WPF and Silverlight Training
My job also includes providing training. You may know that Infragistics provides classes for both
User Interface and User Experience training. However, did you know that our engineers are trained and qualified to go onsite and provide custom training to match your need? Many customers have migrated to WPF or Silverlight, adopted our XAML controls and started working with these XAML based approaches only to discover how essentially different programming XAML UI is from previous .NET technologies. A couple of days of an intensive “Boot Camp” approach and we can provide your team with insights that will definitely boost your productivity with WPF, Silverlight or both! I love working with XAML. And if programming and designing XAML is not a joy for you, I suggest you take one of my classes! As I mentioned you can come attend a class or you can have us come onsite and provide a more customized class presentation. We can focus your training on any aspect of the techonology or any suite of controls.

And what about the other technologies?
This Control Monster eats XAML. However, we have other engineers with monstrously great skills in other .NET technologies such as WinForms, ASP.Net, as well as JQuery, SharePoint and .NET savvy Data Services.

Did you mention UX?!?!
I work in the UI Services branch. However, we have an incredible team that focuses on usability design, review, consulting and training. These experts can review your designs, app or prototype, provide intelligent, case proven methods for improving the UX as well as come up with creative solutions to make your app more user friendly, visually stunning, and intelligently smart in its usability. This team also includes professional designers who can transform your app into a world-class visual and usable smorgasboard providing that professional look and feel!

Try Us Out!
If you are interested ping anyone in our company and let us know how we can serve you! I am excited to show you how awesome the technology is and how killer our controls are!

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