Run Indigo Prototypes on Any Device

Ambrose Little / Monday, June 10, 2013

HTML5 Logo

Just wanted to give folks an update. We are heads down on all the awesome goodies coming up here in Version 2. At the same time, we're wrapping up testing for the release of our HTML-based prototype viewer. Once this is released, we won't be offering the Silverlight viewer. But you don't have to wait to start sharing and evaluating prototypes on any modern device.

Read About Running on HTML During the Beta Here

I'm totally psyched about this capability for Indigo. It's a huge enabler, not just because HTML (and CSS and JavaScript) is hip and cool and oh so modern, but because it's so easy to create rich, interactive--even animated--prototypes in no time and evaluate them working on the actual target devices with no hassle. Super low cost, rapid learning and iteration. Amazing!

Version 2 is going to enhance the value of this story big time, so keep your eyes peeled. Subscribe to our RSS or follow us on Twitter.

Also, we will be offering a huge discount for upgrades from our totally free Version 1 available now, so get it while you can!