What’s New (and What Matters) in Indigo Studio

Ken Rosen / Friday, November 11, 2016

We’ve just released a new version of Indigo Studio - the code-free design tool that brings designers, developers, product managers and users together for fast, easy, and—most importantly--collaborative prototyping and usability testing.

This new release raises the bar on collaboration through new group workspaces, while lowering the cost of it through convenient free and subscription plans and hands-on training.

At Infragistics, we believe in the power of prototyping. Our development teams use Indigo Studio every day to express their vision, accelerate requirements gathering and sign-off, collect feedback, and perform usability testing at scale. That’s a big part of our “secret sauce” - how we consistently deliver great user experiences across our products.

We are such big believers in prototyping, in fact, that we challenged ourselves to make Indigo Studio more affordable and accessible than ever before, while upping its value to make it indispensable.

And we did. We are excited to announced the arrival of Indigo Studio Essential, which brings all of Indigo’s essential design and prototyping features to you – absolutely free!

This isn’t a limited-time promotion. We don’t want cost to be a barrier that keeps development teams from realizing the significant benefits of up-front prototyping, and we are committed to maintaining the always-free Indigo Studio Essential as an essential tool for designers and development teams.

We’re also introducing two additional new versions of Indigo:

  • Indigo Studio Professional, which includes all of the collaborative tools and first-of-its-kind usability testing features you’ve come to love in Indigo while adding new collaborative group workspaces for teams (up to five concurrent projects).
  • Indigo Studio Enterprise, which offers the same full set of features as Indigo Studio Professional, with no caps or limits on group workspaces.

Both Indigo Studio Professional and Indigo Studio Enterprise are available on a new, convenient subscription basis, making Indigo more affordable than ever.

Whichever version you choose, we’re committed to getting you up and running quickly. That’s why we’ve included a suite of free, video-based, hands-on training lessons that will quickly show you how to get the most from Indigo Studio.

You’ll also want to check out The Storyboard, a new UX-centered podcast series (and customer stories from people who are using Indigo to make a big difference within their organizations). Be sure to subscribe (iTunes | Stitcher | Google Play | RSS | Soundcloud) so you’ll get every episode.

Group Workspaces

For years, Indigo Studio has been a terrific way to design and test prototypes, offering you the ability to one-click publish to the cloud, where you can manage your prototypes and testing in your private, secure, indigodesigned.com workspace.

You told us that while you appreciate private workspaces, sometimes you need to be able to collaborate with other designers and testers, especially on larger projects. We listened, and that’s why we’re introducing our new Group Workspaces capability: you can now invite other team members to publish design alternatives, run usability studies, or edit prototypes in a group workspace.

Here are a few ways Group Workspaces will let you work better together with your team:

  • Share prototypes or design libraries to a private group. Only invited members can see them.
  • Get email notifications when members publish or make changes to the designs in a group workspace.
  • Have usability testers focus on testing and refining specific areas of your prototype - so you can work in parallel and move faster.
  • Have all group members access designs directly from within Indigo Studio — both to update existing designs and to publish new alternatives.

Indigo Studio also has new pricing, starting at free for the Indigo Studio Essential version. Click here to learn more.

What Matters

If you’re not already familiar with Indigo Studio, it’s worth your time to look into some of the compelling features that have been in the product for some time, such as:

  • Fast, code-free prototyping

Indigo Studio goes way beyond static wireframes and sketching tools, letting you create interactive prototypes that work on any device, without ever writing a line of code.

  • Collaborative review and feedback

Indigo Studio makes it easy to get high-quality feedback on designs without having to try to bring everyone together at the same time. Indigo makes it easy to collect, manage, and respond to the feedback you get.

  • Usability testing at scale

Most products serve a diverse, dispersed audience. Indigo Studio lets you put your prototype online for usability testing, then gives you detailed results, statistics, and visualization of problem spots.

Great Content

In addition to the features of the Indigo Studio product itself, we’re excited to be fostering insights and conversations for the UX community on an ongoing basis. Starting right now, you’ll be able to read and listen to this great new content:

  • The Storyboard: Conversations about Usability and UX: In this weekly podcast, we talk with UX and usability experts and practitioners. If you’re wondering what your peers are working on, the challenges they’re facing, and what the best practices for UX success are, this podcast is for you. Subscribe: (iTunes | Stitcher | Google Play | RSS | Soundcloud)
  • Success Stories: Read about people like yourself, how they’re making a difference in their own companies, and how Indigo Studio is an important part of that change.
  • Learning Library: If you’re checking out Indigo Studio (and you should be), you’ll want to watch this series of videos to get you up to speed. You’ll find a dozen videos on Getting Started, four on Collaborative Review and Feedback, and three on Remote Usability Testing.
  • Blog: Be sure to subscribe to this blog for insights, podcast recaps, ideas, and info — both about UX and Indigo.

We’re incredibly excited about UX and the way Indigo can make a difference…not just with the product, but in the field itself.

Stay tuned, and stay in touch.