ReportPlus Android: What’s new in version 1.6.34

Lucia Rodriguez / Tuesday, October 17, 2017

We’ve been working very hard on ReportPlus Android, and we’re very happy to introduce you to the newest version of the application. This release includes a handful of exciting new features, including column sorting with raw data, changes to the pie and doughnut charts, and several documentation improvements. 

Most importantly, though, we’ve significantly enhanced the export experience to include the annotation editor, a long-standing feature in ReportPlus iOS. The feature has now been revamped and introduced into all platforms. 

Let’s jump right into it!

Annotating Dashboards when Exporting

Chart annotations can provide extra details to any dashboard, highlight points of interest, or simply communicate desired changes to other users. With the latest release of ReportPlus, you can now add any notes, shapes, or text that you need during the export process.

Annotating Dashboards

Shapes available in the toolbar include squares, circles, lines, arrows and free drawing options. Depending on the shape you select, you can change background or stroke colors, opacity and width. 

Annotated Dashboard

If you choose to add text annotations, you can also adjust the size of your text box, its opacity, or the font’s weight and size.

Sorting Columns when viewing the data behind any visualization 

ReportPlus previously allowed you to sort columns in grid visualizations in view mode, introducing the ability to filter data dynamically. While this was restricted to grid visualizations, you can now apply sorting to any visualization’s raw data with this release of ReportPlus.

Column Sorting

Start Position for Pie and Doughnut Charts

End users tend to avoid Pie and Doughnut charts because of the challenges of reading slices that are not aligned or have poor comparing angles. ReportPlus now makes this easier for you by allowing you to configure a starting position for your visualization at any of the four cardinal directions.

Start Position

Documentation Improvements

We are also happy to announce that we have introduced a few new sections in our documentation to accompany the latest ReportPlus build:

  • A list of supported devices and operating systems has been added.
  • The feature matrix for all ReportPlus platforms has also been added for users to have a better understanding of what features are included in each application.

Download ReportPlus Android today and share your insights with anyone!

The 1.6.34 release of ReportPlus gives you even more control when viewing or exporting your dashboards. Download the native Android application on any of your mobile devices today and become a data-driven pro!

If you’re interested on trying any of the ReportPlus platforms with editing capabilities, download a a free Desktop trial or install the iOS version on your device. Should you want to learn more about ReportPlus or how to install ReportPlus Enterprise Server, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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