Announcement: Changes to Ignite UI Product & Packaging

Jason Beres [Infragistics] / Tuesday, June 2, 2020

With the June 2020 release of Ignite UI (Ultimate 20.1), we've made some important changes to Ignite UI.  The biggest change is around the branding and naming of the product:

  • We are replacing the Ignite UI for JavaScript branding and bundle option to simply Ignite UI.

This means you won't find the product name or product bundle named Ignite UI for JavaScript on the website, in the docs, or in the My Keys & Downloads in the Customer Portal.   

We did this to clear up the confusion of the product name (Ignite UI for JavaScript, which was the jQuery product) having the same name as the product bundle (Ignite UI for JavaScript, which included 5 different frameworks when purchased together).

Bottom line - If you own Ignite UI for JavaScript, it is changed to Ignite UI.

Ignite UI: More Value, More Features

Along with cleaning up the overarching product brand, we've expanded what's available in Ignite UI.  With this release and forward, you get the following UI products / frameworks:

So that's 7 different products in the bundle.  While you can buy individual products for just the framework you are working on, it makes more sense to buy the Ignite UI bundle with all 7 platforms because we've changed pricing as well,

With this release, we've lowered the price to give you more value for less cost:

  • Individual product SKU's (ie: platforms) are now $749 for the subscription
  • The Ignite UI bundle (all 7 product / platform SKU's) are $849 for the subscription

That's a no-brainer in terms of value.  Especially when you consider that the bundle includes Web Components and jQuery, which work perfectly in any other platform.  So for example, if you are building a React app, and need an OLAP Pivot Grid (which is not in the Ignite UI for React product), just grab the one in the Ignite UI for jQuery product, use our React wrappers for jQuery and implement the OLAP Pivot Grid just like any other React component in your app.  

To break this down in terms of unique value - 

  • Ignite UI for Angular is a unique, one-of-a-kind codebase built on Material and Angular.  There is no other product on the market like it.  Everything about this product is optimized for Angular development and the Angular platform.  
  • Ignite UI for Web Components, Ignite UI for React and Ignite UI for Blazor all have a shared codebase.  We have a core TypeScript library with per-platform native hooks.  So for example, in Blazor, we generate the native C# API for Visual Studio and server-side bits along with the JavaScript / WebAssembly for the client to deliver the most optimal performance for the platform.
  • Ignite UI for jQuery, Ignite UI for .Net Core and Ignite UI for MVC (.Net Core) all have the same codebase.  For the MVC / .Net Core piece, we generate native API's based on the JavaScript libraries.  This delivers the best coding experience in Visual Studio, as well as support for all of the latest .Net Framework features for web development.

So based on the type of applications you are building, you have hundreds of controls and components to choose from across the 7 Ignite UI platform offerings.

Licensed Ignite UI Packages

In addition to the branding and bundling options, we've also changed how licensed product is acquired.

Starting with the 9.1 release of Angular (shipping with the 20.1 Ultimate release, June 2nd, 2020) we are adding a "Trial" watermark to the packages that we post on NPM.

This help doc:

Outlines all of the details necessary to remove the "Trial" watermark, and to acquire your licensed version.

We expect to ship Ignite UI for React and Ignite UI for Web Components with same "Trial" watermark configuration in the July / August 2020 timeframe.  If you are using any of those product, keep an eye on my blog and out newsletters for updates.

Wrap Up

These are some big changes.  We needed to clean up the branding and bundling, and while doing this, give you more value for less subscription cost.  If you have questions, comments or concerns about these changes, please contact me at

Thanks, and Happy Coding!