Michael Germann / Wednesday, August 28, 2013

So as not to have the introduction in any of the technical posts, I will do it here as a stand alone. So here goes.

Hello, my name is Mike Germann, I am currently, circa 2016, a Software Development Team Lead for Infragistics Windows Forms UI controls. I have been with Infragistics since 2005, with the majority of that time I was the lead developer for IG TestAutomation, formerly TestAdvantage, for HP UI Testing software. This blog will, for the foreseeable future, focus on IG TestAutomation, HP UI testing software, and how they interact. By HP UI testing software I am referring to both QuickTest Professional (QTP), and Unified Functional Testing (UFT), for any issue distinct to one version or the other I will be sure to specify the difference. 

As to my background in respects to IG Test Automation. I was first introduced to it in April of 2007, after working at Infragistics for seventeen months as a member of their developer support team. At the time the developer support teams were separated by areas of expertise, and it was at that point I expanded my area of expertise to include TestAdvantage as well. Two months later I joined as part of the development team for TestAdvantage. Since then I become the senior developer for both IG TestAutomation for HP Windows Forms as well as the architect for IG TestAutomation for HP WPF.

While I have moved on from solely being a developer of the IG TestAutomation products, I remain as the primary technical resource for the three products. 

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