Team Spotlight: Insider Interview with Phil Dinsmore, Director of Sales, Enterprise Mobility

Mobile Man / Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Meet the People behind Infragistics’ Enterprise Mobility Solutions

We talk about great new technologies that enable productivity and boost revenue every day. But we sometimes forget that the people who come up with the ideas, who build and spread them, are the ones driving these innovations forward. Meet the team behind Infragistics’ amazing Enterprise Mobility products and services in our new blog series – Team Spotlight!

Our first guest is Phil Dinsmore, Director of Sales, Enterprise Mobility. Let’s find out who he is and what his thoughts are on mobility’s place in enterprises’ IT strategy today.

Phil, what is your role at Infragistics?

"I am Director of Sales, Enterprise Mobility."

What do you like about the company?

"I love the spirit of innovation and collaboration that exists across the company.  I love the diverse backgrounds of our people and the geographical differences too, which I think adds perspective and in the end creates a better solution for our customers."

What is your background? 

"I’ve spent the last twenty years in the enterprise technology space in sales, sales management, consulting and as a General Manager of a technology company.  I’ve worked with financial management software, consulted with organizations around the world, and led the development of award winning security software prior to working in Enterprise Mobility with Infragistics. For the last two years, I’ve been directing the global sales efforts of the SharePlus and ReportPlus products. I have a B.S. in Finance from Villanova University and an MBA from Rutgers Graduate School of Management."

Which is the hottest trend in Enterprise Mobility (EM) right now? 

"I think the hottest trend right now is the huge increase in people using mobile technology as part of business processes not just as a communication device. Whether that is in reviewing and editing documents and doing approvals via the phone or having access to real-time data and metrics in a very mobile friendly way; those processes are now a mainstream part of our everyday work environment. That’s hot and getting hotter."

What’s the number one mobility challenge you’ve heard from our enterprise customers?

"I think there are two main questions that all organizations struggle with as they grow in an increasingly mobile world.  The first is “What is the value of the right decision at the right time?“ The answer of course approaches infinity. What we are trying to achieve is to match the ability to decide and act with the timing of our most creative thoughts. In today’s existence, that creates a need for smart mobile devices that can access the knowledge we need to decide and then follow through with. The second question is the one we use in our sales presentations, “How do we securely collaborate, anywhere in the world, to improve productivity, using an easy to deploy and use solution?” We know that collaborative teams make better decisions than any one individual. The key is, how do we facilitate this, especially in today’s corporate environments?"

You work directly with customers every day – what’s the number one benefit of SharePlus and ReportPlus EM that our customers have shared with you? 

"Above all, customers have said that SharePlus and ReportPlus are the best answers to the challenges posed above."

Who is Phil Dinsmore outside of Infragistics?

"I am a husband and father of 3 terrific kids who are starting out on their own which is very exciting to watch. I am an avid sports fan and play golf as much as I can but my fan passions are the Cleveland Indians and Villanova basketball and football. For the last several years I have played over 100 games of softball a year, both slow pitch and modified.  I’m a big believer in education, as is my wife, and so my community involvement often revolves around committees and foundations related to education."

"I have two new pursuits which I am excited about, one is starting a health blog based on my experiences and the other is pursuing my doctorate in Finance (I know I am in sales but I have a passion for Finance and Economics) as my undergraduate and Masters degrees are in Finance and Accounting."

Thanks for chatting with us, Phil – and stay tuned for our next Team Spotlight insider interview!

You can connect with Phil on LinkedIn.

And if you’d like to learn more about Infragistics’ Enterprise Mobility products, try our free demo of SharePlus, the ultimate mobile SharePoint solution, and ReportPlus – the most powerful self-service mobile BI app.