• Connect Multiple Data Sources into one Dashboard to Discover More Insights

    Did you know that between the year 2000 and 2009, the rate at which US Civil engineering doctorates were awarded followed the same rise per capita as the consumption of mozzarella cheese. So, this shows that on completing their studies, budding civil engineers develop a love of authentic Italian pizzas...right?


    The challenge of big data is, and always has been, finding causation between events. There are plenty…

    • Sat, Sep 19 2015
  • Mobile Challenges in the Field: Construction Industry

    In the construction industry, the recipe for success is made up of many different ingredients. There are far more variables to be dealt with compared to other industries, and can therefore lead to a level of unpredictability, resulting in project delays, pauses and extensions. So finding a solution that can help with any such problems is hugely important.

    This increased complexity that comes with managing projects makes…

    • Fri, Sep 18 2015
  • 3 Mistakes to Avoid When Mobilizing SharePoint

    Are you reading this article on a phone, portable device, or any other interface that isn’t your home or workplace PC? If so, you’re far from a minority; an increasing amount of Internet traffic is being generated from non-desktop devices. And we’re doing more on the Internet from those devices than ever before - from photography to social networking to banking to using maps or discovering new gems of information.…

    • Fri, Sep 18 2015
  • How IT is Changing the Construction Industry

    In the space of a generation, Information Technology has changed the way the world works. It touches all sectors and industries and pushes the boundaries of what was previously challenging, difficult or dangerous. It has also democratized access to information - armchair academics can do their own research from the comfort of their own homes, students can attend university without leaving the bedroom and freelancers can…

    • Tue, Sep 15 2015
  • SharePoint Search for SharePlus Now Available in App Store and Google Play!

    We are excited to announce that the full SharePoint Search feature is now available for all SharePlus iOS and Android Store versions!

    With the new SharePlus Pro version, all store users will now be able to search server content both online and offline and retrieve results from all SharePoint portals at the same time.

    Remember to enable the Keep Offline feature for any documents or folders you want to access while offline…

    • Fri, Sep 11 2015
  • How to Increase SharePoint User Adoption?

    If you’re reading this post, chances are you’re already a convert to SharePoint. Of course you understand the power of lists and libraries. Metadata? Love it. Team sites - you’ve got them on lock. Unfortunately, not everyone in the office thinks like you; many employees see SharePoint as an additional level of IT and will do anything to avoid having to deal with it. They don’t get it, they don…

    • Fri, Sep 11 2015
  • Personalized Mobile SharePoint Experiences for the Construction Industry

    Everyone is talking about mobile these days – smartphones, tablets and wearable devices have taken over the world with lightning speed. Consumer apps are used by billions of people daily, helping users with all kinds of activities, from personal to-do lists to live sports tracker apps and beyond.

    Now think about the professional sectors with truly mobile needs, such as the construction industry. Foremen, engineers…

    • Wed, Sep 9 2015
  • What’s New with Nintex and SharePoint/ Office 365

    The Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) was a busy five days in July aimed at Microsoft fans, buyers and partners to show off new innovations and announcements. It doesn’t matter if you’re a global organization or small business, WPC was a great chance to get up to date with the latest happenings in the ecosystem.

    WPC was another big push by Microsoft to drive innovation across the industry. CEO Satya…

    • Wed, Sep 2 2015
  • How Can We Help Your Construction Enterprise?

    Are you a professional in the construction industry who needs fully optimized mobile access to your SharePoint content? Infragistics has the answer: SharePlus.

    A complete mobile SharePoint solution, SharePlus gives you the power to get your construction projects done faster. Equip foremen, engineers, architects and contractors with everything they need to manage projects on the go - with or without connectivity!


    • Wed, Sep 2 2015
  • How Mobile Technology is Transforming the Construction Industry

    When it comes to technological advances, recognizing which emerging technologies would bring value to a business can be the key differentiator for a company’s future position on the market. The construction industry is no exception to this rule. With constant challenges and changes, highly fragmented teams, a shortage of skilled labor, high competition and tight margins, construction firms are focusing on the technology…

    • Fri, Aug 28 2015
  • 3 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Data Visualizations in ReportPlus

    Whether you’re a new user or a seasoned professional, you’re most likely aware of how ReportPlus can help you organize business data into dashboards you can later use for an eye-catching presentation. However, you’re probably in need of a series of quick tips, tricks and timesavers to help you make use of all that the tool has to offer. Have you ever come up with an excellent visualization in one dashboard…

    • Wed, Aug 26 2015
  • What’s New in the Latest Version of SharePlus for Android

    The latest release of SharePlus for Android comes with two new features, Favorites and Search Offline, which greatly enhance your experience with SharePlus and let you access your documents quickly and with no connectivity, bringing your productivity to new heights.

    Setting up your Favorites is quick and easy

    By setting documents or entire folders as Favorites, you gain quick access to your content in an organized list…

    • Tue, Aug 18 2015
  • Why Self-Service Business Intelligence is the Next Big Thing in BI?

    The consumerization of IT has had a huge impact on whole areas of computing in the workplace. People now commonly use their personal devices - smart phones, tablets and even watches - to get work done. Their use of the web, social networks and apps has also raised expectations when it comes to enterprise software. People now demand levels of UX, usability and functionality way beyond what was reasonable even a few years…

    • Wed, Aug 12 2015
  • Getting Lost in Enterprise BI Data

    Most modern organizations use a wide variety of applications to do their day-to-day business. For example, SharePoint is used for collaboration and storing documents, CRM systems are in place to manage customer relations, and databases store all relational data.

    Every system used will have its own data source and User Interface to analyze it. While this works perfectly well if you only run a couple of applications, anything…

    • Mon, Aug 3 2015
  • The Transition to a Mobile Enterprise: Five Key Considerations

    For a long time, a lot of companies have resisted the move to the mobile enterprise. While more forward thinking CTOs and CIOs have been pushing for change, fears and misconceptions about data loss have paralyzed decision makers. Nonetheless, wherever your company sits along the Technology Adoption Life Cycle, it’s becoming increasingly clear that the mobile workplace has very much arrived and is here to stay.

    • Thu, Jul 30 2015
  • Easily Edit Documents with Office on Your Device - Offline and Online

    Even though a laptop-killing tablet hasn’t yet emerged, the way has started to be paved for smart technology to become the PCs of the future. But as great as these devices are, the integration between applications isn’t anywhere near laptops. And it is well known that responsive, integrated applications result in positive user experiences. Given SharePoint’s dominance in the Enterprise field, there’s been a real need…

    • Tue, Jul 28 2015
  • What is AppFabric and What is it Doing in SharePoint 2016?

    AppFabric is a feature of Windows Server and consists of AppFabric Hosting and AppFabric Caching. AppFabric Hosting provides a way of deploying and maintaining Windows Workflow Foundation (WWF) workflows, hosted in Windows Communication Foundation (WCF). It essentially provides extensions for Internet Information Services (IIS) to allow administrators to monitor and analyze the performance and statuses of workflows.

    • Thu, Jul 23 2015
  • How to Uncover Business Intelligence Insights with ReportPlus – Playing With Dashboards

    ReportPlus is a business intelligence and analytics tool that empowers you to create intuitive, interactive dashboards right from your mobile device. Not only can you get insights at a glance by just looking at your dashboards, but you can also play with dashboard widgets to uncover new answers hidden in your data. What is more – you can create dashboards and delve into your data all by yourself, without needing any help…

    • Mon, Jul 20 2015
  • Top 7 Business Productivity Apps for iPad/ iPhone

    When you and your colleagues have an iPhone or an iPad in your hands, you effectively have access to one of the most versatile, powerful and sophisticated mobile devices yet designed. The possibilities that Apple’s mobile devices open up to the modern workforce are enormous in terms of connectivity, mobility and ease of use. However, an iPhone or iPad is a little like a hammer - until it has nails to hit - or in the iOS…

    • Fri, Jul 17 2015
  • The Future of Mobile Data Visualization and Mobile Analytics

    Big data’ has been an upcoming trend in enterprise technology for a number of years now. Eric Schmidt, executive chairman at Google, said the following in 2010:

    “There were five exabytes of information created between the dawn of civilization through 2003, but that much information is now created every two days.”

    (For those wondering an exabyte is a billion gigabytes)

    Eric’s point was that we…

    • Thu, Jul 9 2015
  • SharePoint 2016: What Can We Expect From The UI?

    Since its earliest iterations, SharePoint always focused on providing companies with specific utilities. It began by offering collaborative capabilities for those looking to move beyond network shares and evolved into a product that catered for content management and portals. Over the years, various toolsets have been added to this, (such as PerformancePoint, Project Server, Content Management Server and so on) but these…

    • Mon, Jul 6 2015
  • The Needs of the Modern Mobile Workforce

    When you compare the workplace of today to the workplace of 5 years ago, you may not think a great deal has changed right? Think again. 3D printing, the gradual demise of office phones, those new ‘break -out’ areas, the ever increasing role of the cloud, a new wave of enterprise focussed apps on every device, shared workspaces and the consumerization of IT… that’s to name a few. We haven’t even mentioned wearables, remote…

    • Thu, Jul 2 2015
  • The Most Popular Mobile Device Management Solutions

    Most IT departments are now aware of the need for Mobile Device Management (MDM), yet deciding which service is the right one for your company is an intimidating prospect. There is a huge range of service providers offering MDM tools for all kinds of businesses and which promise different levels of security, control, flexibility and scalability. There is a solution for every kind of business, yet hunting through the market…

    • Mon, Jun 29 2015
  • What is Mobile Device Management?

    In recent years, the pace of change in enterprise IT has been staggering. CIOs, CTOs and IT departments have had to adapt to an enormous range of disruptive technologies which have impacted considerably on the way they manage their companies’ infrastructure. Only a few years ago the major focus of IT was on maintaining local servers, training users and building security into desktop computers and company owned hardware…

    • Wed, Jun 24 2015
  • New to DataViz? Here Are Our Top 10 Picks For Data Visualization Tips & Techniques

    Ever felt puzzled which chart to choose when presenting your data in front of colleagues? If you’re not familiar with data visualization best practices, you risk losing your precious time trying out different charts which don’t fit your data until you manage to pick the One. Or even worse – you may choose a chart which doesn’t visually convey the concepts and analytical results you would like to present.…

    • Tue, Jun 23 2015