Brief //build/ Recap + Microsoft SharePoint Conference

Sara Faatz / Friday, September 23, 2011

It goes without saying that we all had a great week at //build/.  Between the announcements by Microsoft, the opportunity to have a booth in the expo hall, and sponsoring GeekFest, we were very busy but definitely energized by it all.

We had a lot of great conversations at the show and anticipate those to continue as people dig deeper into Metro-style and what it means to the future of your apps.  If you have specific questions about Metro-style and Infragistics, please refer to our blogs or post comments/questions here. 

Our next stop from a trade show perspective is Microsoft SharePoint Conference in Anaheim Oct. 2 – 6.  If you plan to be there, definitely stop by the booth (we'll be in booth 631) to say hi and get a demo of our SharePoint offering.