Customer Experience Guru Mark Hurst at Infragistics

Tobias Komischke / Thursday, July 2, 2015

Recently, we had the great pleasure to welcome Mark Hurst to the Infragistics headquarters. Mark is the founder of the well-known annual GEL conference in New York City. He’s also the founder and CEO of Creative Good, a consulting and services company dedicated to everything revolving around customer experience. He has just published the 2ndedition of his book “Customers Included”.

Mark and Infragistics go back quite a while, we’ve been attending GEL for years and we now had the privilege to be one of the first companies that Mark visited as part of his 2ndedition book tour.

We had pretty much the whole company listening to him, having our international locations following through a live stream. For our office in Tokyo, Japan, it was too late to attend, so we recorded things on video for them. We’ve been so inspired about Mark’s message that we decided to share Mark’s visit (with his approval, obviously) with you.

Here's a pre-talk interview with Mark:

And here's Mark's presentation in full:

Thank you, Mark, for visiting and inspiring us! And yes, we're already booked for next year's GEL.