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  • How to add a ultragroupbox with dockable beside my ultrgrid

    i have a ultragrid in my win form and now i need to add two ultragroupboxes with dockable feature beside ultragrid.

    Can any one please tell me how to do this iam new to infragistics api

  • How To Programmatically Fly a Panel Out (Ultradockmanager)

    I have a winforms which I am using the ultradockmanager on. I have a docked pane on the right set to hidden so that it is auto hidden unless moused over.

    I have a button on another user control (not on the hidden control) that when pressed, should cause…

  • Arrange all the child forms with in Tabbed MDI as user wish like Dashboard

    Hi Team,

    I am new for infragistics .

    I want arrange child forms as user wish with MDI like Dashboard.

    Please share the sample..



  • How to hidden close button of ultralWinTabControl

    Hi Team,

    Please could you advise me how to remove close button of ultralWinTabControl  (as below my pic)?


  • Make Floating form active on screen even if main window in minimised

    My application is using FloatingWindowContainer to display floating window. I can dock a floating window content to another floating window.

    I need to make floating window displayed on screen always, even if main application window is minimized. I have…

  • Icon like dock manager


    I am using ultraStatusBar6.3.1. I am using this status bar to unpin and pin the below section of windows split container. At the moment I am using the pin/unpin custom icon. I need the icon the same like dock-manager pin/unpin icon. Because on different…

  • Hide DockableControlPanes in DockAreaPane

    I'm working with Infragistic controls. It creates a UserControl that is puts into a DockableControlPane that is then put into a DockAreaPane that is inside of a UltraDockManager that is inside a Form.
    Example udockManager.DockAreas has 5 DockAreaPane…

  • Dock Manager expanding length wise - issue

    When expanding the dockmanager length-wise, the dock itself slides underneath the bottom edge of the form, hiding it partially  Is there a way fix this? I would like it for the doc manager control to expand to the length of the form without getting cut…

  • UltraDockManager does not Auto Hide


    Previously we were using Infragistics4.Win.v14.2 version. The docking panel was hiding in version 14.2 but not in 15.2. It does not auto retract and seems to be pinned.

    I have found a method 'UltraDockManager1.FlyIn()' to hide the pane. But I wanted…

  • UltraDockManager encoding issue

    Hello everybody,

    I am facing some issues with UltraDockManager SaveAsXML and LoadFromXML methods. 

    I am using these methods to save and load the layout of my dock areas and panels. However, I am havning problems when I set a language with different charcater…

  • Floating dockable pane fails on different scaled screens


    Our customers started to use high DPI 4K screens with a dual monitor setup. The left screen has a 4K resolution with scaling enabled and the right screen has a standard 1920x1080 resolution without scaling.

    Whenever they undock a dockable pane and…

  • How to stop DockManager validate all controls

    Hi all

    From my stack trace, I see when a dock pane group with another dock panel, it validates all its controls, and causes all it controls' validation icon blink.

    How could I stop this happening? 

    I tried causeValidation property = false at both…

  • How to host a Windows.Forms form with UltraDockManager in WPF WindowsFormsHost??


    I use Infragistics 14.2.

    Is it possible, to have a Windows.Forms form with UltraDockManager as child in a WPF WindowsFormsHost?

    I can see the the form correctly at runtime, but it is not possible to interact with the panes (i.e. moving them by…

  • DPI Aware UltraDockManager


    We are trying to make our winforms app dpi aware, but we are having trouble when we use the UltraDockManager.

    The areas and panes do not scale, and so everything gets crushed (for example the font increases in size for the titles, but the depth…

  • How to disable the flyout animation when unpin panes programatically?

    How can I disable the flyout animation when unpinning docked panes?
    I just call the Unpin() method of the pane, on initialization of the dock manager, the UnpinnedTabHoverAction is set to 'UnpinnedTabHoverAction.None'.
    But the flyout…
  • UltraDockManager vs. CAB - how to dock one control (UltraGrid) in two SmartParts?

    i have CAB environment with two SmartParts and i need to be possible to dock one UltraGrid in both of them (move from one SmartPart (UserControl) to another and back).

    how can i achieve this?

    thanks a lot for your help!

    environment: Infragistics Professional…

  • DockManager with toolbar and formManager

    Hi everybody,

    I am trying to implement a complex form containing:

    • fomManager: to apply style to form contents (inner controls) and borders
    • toolbarmanager: to use toolbar, menubar and statusbar
    • dockmanager: to use dockable and floating panels inside…
  • Customize default context menu in DockableControlPane tab


    I am currently working with an UltraDockWorkspace containing DockableControlPane windows.
    I wanted to use the MouseEnterElement and MouseLeaveElement events to modify the system shortcut menu that appears on the window tab as shown in the attached…

  • Cannot redock window

    I am working on an application that uses ultradockmanager

    The windows in the dock manager are docked initially, but when I pull them from their dock, I can't redock them. 

    The icon that should hint me where the windows can be docked is missing…

  • Change splitter backcolor on mouseover

    I need to change the color of the splitter bar in the DockManager while the user is hovering over it. This is useful to help indicate to the user of this functionality in addition to the icon that is shown while hovering. The standard .Net splitcontainer…

  • Ultra Win Dock Dock manager

    Hi I have ultra dock manager in win form.

    Dock manager has 3 panes. when the form load it always focus on the most left / the first pane.

    I have tried the following but it is not working




  • Unpinned tab area width

    I am trying to define a layout where the unpinned tab are does not extend the full width of the form, but rather extends to the boundary of an adjacent dock area.

    I have included a screen short of what happens and what I want.  Is there anyway to do this…

  • How to enlarge Office2003 Style caption buttons in dpi aware application, on high dpi settings?


    I am currently working on a dpi aware application and using UltraDockManager.

    The caption buttons, (minimize, pin, close) seems to scale automatically when I let Windows do the scaling, aka I run the application in dpi unaware mode.


  • Resizing button icons throug UltraDockManager


    I'm trying to set the size of the button icons (pin, close, etc.) in the caption of the panes through the UltraDockManager by setting the ImageSizeCaption  property.

    When the CaptionStyle is CaptionStyle.Windows it works well:


  • Set UltraDockManager Context Menu Custome Style


    I am using UltraDockManager, and want to change the style of context Menu "Hide, Floating and Auto Hide".
    I have tried with infragestics tool to change style but which is not reflecting on form.
    Kindly help me out to style context menu area…