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  • Ultradockmanager - strange behaviour when docking Bug?

    Version 19.1.

    When I undock a pane and move it around, it will never dock on the left side of the parent. I can dock it top, bottom or right, but when I hit the left area of the parent and dock, the panel will appear on the right side.When using double…

  • Problem with UltraDockPanel and UltraFormManager, panel is always on top

    I have a Winforms that uses Ultradockpanel and ultraformmanager.

    The main requirement is to have the Ultradockpanel docked at left but below a top panel (header). For this I was reading that you have to use UltraDockPanel, so I created an UltraDockPanel…

  • Object reference not set to an instance of an object. Infragistics.Win.UltraWinDock.DockableWindowPlaceholderUIElement.PositionChildElements()

    We recently added the dock manager to a major traffic area of our winforms application.

    We are running on infragistics 20.2.20202.14

    Here is one example of the stacktrace:

    at Infragistics.Win.UltraWinDock.DockableWindowPlaceholderUIElement.PositionChildElements…

  • Infragistics Version 19.1 Changes


    I upgraded infragistics from version 16.1 to 19.1 and started having a weird issue in RDP sessions. I have been using toolbar manager, DockableControlPane, dockareapane, UltraTabControl on a form and also have an RTF control which is one of the tab…

  • UltraDockManager AllowDrop message issue

    I recently used the Version Utility to upgrade a project from 7.3 to 2020.1.

    Surprisingly no errors, no code changes required (for this solution anyway) and everything compiles and runs.

    However I have an issue where the UltraDockManager keeps complaining…

  • UltraDockManager v20.1 - how do I achieve the docking user experience like visual studio 2019 ?


    I upgraded my winforms bundle to v20.1 - I have two questions

    1 - how do I achieve the docking user experience like visual studio 2019 ? main docking pane as the main working form , and by default i would have multiple windows docked bottom, docked…

  • Only show icons on tabs

    I will like to only show icons on tabs without emptying the text.  I want text to appear in the caption, but not on the tab. I am setting the TabLocation to Location.Left and the text is taking a lot of space and this is the reason I want to only show…

  • Prevent adding other tabs to a group

    I have a pane docked to the bottom of my application.  I will like the pane to always be visible and not movable.  I am able to accomplish this by setting the properties AllowClose, AllowDockAsTab, AllowDragging, AllowFloating, and AllowPin to false.  I also…

  • Add setting to UltraDockManager and UltraTabbedMdiManager to specify InterTabSpacing and padding in tab groups

    I found the property UltraTabControlBase.InterTabSpacing, but I am not able to set through the UltraDockManager and UltraTabbedMdiManager. Our visual designer will like to add more spacing between all the tabs, but I do not see a way to do this through…

  • Adding space between tabs in a UltraDockManager and UltraTabbedMdiManager

    I want to add some padding between tabs when they are in a UltraDockManager and UltraTabbedMdiManager.  I am not able to find a way to do this.  Ideally, I will like to set a property in the UltraDockManager and UltraTabbedMdiManager that specifies any…

  • How to hide TabPage when double-clicking a tab in tabcontrol?


    Now I have a tabcontrol as a top menu, I want to add a new feature to the tabcontrol, Double-click the tab to hide the TabPage,
    my initial design was to double-click the Tab to make the height of the Tabpage become 0 to hide the TabPage.
    But now I dockeded…

  • UltraDockManager Pin/Unpin and close button in the tabs


    I've tried to search a forum, but couldn't find any quick and easy solution/answerr:

    the case is that in our app one type of panes (1) cannot be closed - should always be opened, so user can only pin/unpin it (i.e navigation pane, or some…

  • UltraDockManager - Loading Invalid Dock Layout Crashes Application

    I'm using UltraDockManager to manage docking layouts for my application. It seems that the docking file got corrupted or save incorrectly and the dock manager cannot import the file now.

                     if (File…

  • DockManager will support RightToLeft.

    Dear Infragistics support,

    Please support RightToLeft for DockManager.

    When the form layout defined as right to left, the dock manager still remains left to right.

    As a result, When our control pane to the right side of the screen - the splitter of the Dock…

  • Top dock a panel using ultradockmanager below fixed panel at top


    I am migrating a WinForm application which uses SyncFusion docking manager to use Infragistics docking manager. In the SyncFusion version of the application, the host form has a fixed panel at the top of the form. Rest of the panels are docked on…

  • WinDockManager - Is this the best option for a graphical layout of rows with different number of columns

    Hi, I'm trying to create a visual representation of a vending machine layout so that the office can set up and change the product layout and the guy on the road can see the current layout as he's re-stocking it.
    It would have a fixed number or…

  • How to add a ultragroupbox with dockable beside my ultrgrid

    i have a ultragrid in my win form and now i need to add two ultragroupboxes with dockable feature beside ultragrid.

    Can any one please tell me how to do this iam new to infragistics api

  • How To Programmatically Fly a Panel Out (Ultradockmanager)

    I have a winforms which I am using the ultradockmanager on. I have a docked pane on the right set to hidden so that it is auto hidden unless moused over.

    I have a button on another user control (not on the hidden control) that when pressed, should cause…

  • Arrange all the child forms with in Tabbed MDI as user wish like Dashboard

    Hi Team,

    I am new for infragistics .

    I want arrange child forms as user wish with MDI like Dashboard.

    Please share the sample..



  • How to hidden close button of ultralWinTabControl

    Hi Team,

    Please could you advise me how to remove close button of ultralWinTabControl  (as below my pic)?


  • Make Floating form active on screen even if main window in minimised

    My application is using FloatingWindowContainer to display floating window. I can dock a floating window content to another floating window.

    I need to make floating window displayed on screen always, even if main application window is minimized. I have…

  • Icon like dock manager


    I am using ultraStatusBar6.3.1. I am using this status bar to unpin and pin the below section of windows split container. At the moment I am using the pin/unpin custom icon. I need the icon the same like dock-manager pin/unpin icon. Because on different…

  • Hide DockableControlPanes in DockAreaPane

    I'm working with Infragistic controls. It creates a UserControl that is puts into a DockableControlPane that is then put into a DockAreaPane that is inside of a UltraDockManager that is inside a Form.
    Example udockManager.DockAreas has 5 DockAreaPane…

  • Dock Manager expanding length wise - issue

    When expanding the dockmanager length-wise, the dock itself slides underneath the bottom edge of the form, hiding it partially  Is there a way fix this? I would like it for the doc manager control to expand to the length of the form without getting cut…

  • UltraDockManager does not Auto Hide


    Previously we were using Infragistics4.Win.v14.2 version. The docking panel was hiding in version 14.2 but not in 15.2. It does not auto retract and seems to be pinned.

    I have found a method 'UltraDockManager1.FlyIn()' to hide the pane. But I wanted…