Product Release - What's New in Infragistics Ultimate 21.1

Jason Beres [Infragistics] / Wednesday, June 2, 2021

With today's launch, we are extremely excited to get Ultimate 21.1 into your hands. Featuring the brand-new Indigo.Design App Builder with the industry's only web-based WYSIWYG IDE, the latest Angular 12 enhancements to our blazing fast grid including hierarchical export to Excel service, and new updates to the fastest data grids and charts for Blazor, React and Web Components.

Ultimate 21.1 builds on three key themes:

  • Hyper-productivity with our design-to-code platform, Indigo.Design App Builder
  • Delivering innovations and new experiences in Angular, React, Web Components & ASP.NET Core
  • Windows Forms and WPF Enhancements with Visual Studio 2019 Support

Let’s look at these areas in more detail.

Design and Build Apps Up to 10x Faster

Indigo.Design App Builder is a new design-to-code platform with the industry's first web-based, WYSIWYG IDE. App Builder improves designer-to-dev collaboration and accelerates app delivery while eliminating UI and UX bugs.

Indigo.Design App Builder has the tools you'd expect to deliver productivity to you and your team:

  • Web-based IDE that is similar to tools you use today, like Visual Studio, Sketch, Figma, or Adobe XD.
  • A toolbox full of UI components from the Indigo Design System, which map directly to our Ignite UI component libraries.
  • Property editor panels for configuring components, and setting data binding properties.
  • Hierarchical views of your master-pages and sub-pages, complete with a navigable outline of your screen design.
  • Data sources options that let you connect to any REST data source, or upload a JSON file.
  • Theme options including built-in themes and a custom theme builder to match any customer or brand experience you require.

Learn More about App Builder and how it can elevate your productivity, impress your boss on how quickly you can build new experiences, and how you can deliver the best customer experiences with the least amount of effort.

Latest Components & Enhancements for Angular 12

We continue to deliver huge value in Angular, with dozens of new features, enhancements and additions in this latest release. The new Angular Tree component, enhanced themes, export to Excel for hierarchical grid, date time & time column types, and refactored date & time picker components, and much more await you when you try out the latest release of Ignite UI for Angular!

 Learn more in the What's New in Angular 12 blog!

New & Updated Components for Modern Web

With a complete set of Blazor components for C# developers, and powerful new features and enhancements to our data grids, charts, and components for  React, and Web Components, we are continuing innovation in these core platforms.  The 21.1 release includes new features and updates in Grid, Chart, Map, Date Time Picker, Editors and more ... all based on your feedback!

Read about all the new features in React Controls, Web Components Controls, and Blazor Controls in the What's New blogs for:

Ignite UI for React 

Ignite UI for Blazor

Ignite UI for Web Components

Desktop WPF & Windows Forms

Windows Forms and WPF continue to be the most popular platforms for building apps in the enterprise space.  This release includes over 3 dozen improvements in charts, geospatial maps, updated designers for .NET Core / .NET 5 design time in Visual Studio, and more.

Here is a quick list with some links to the updates:

  • New design-time support in Visual Studio 2019 for Windows Forms
  • Updates to design-time support in Visual Studio 2019 for WPF
  • Chart Updates
  • Map Updates

Blazor Map Control

Wrap Up!

That’s a short blog of the features and updates with links to the longer blogs on what we are shipping in 21.1. This release includes a ton of great new capabilities that will help you deliver amazing experiences in your apps. To experience everything, go to your customer portal to get the latest. As usual, we need to hear what you have to say, so please shoot me an email at and let me know how we can help you to continue to deliver value to your customers with Infragistics. If you haven’t read the 2021 H2 roadmap yet, take a read and let me know if there is something missing or something you need and share your feedback on that as well.

Happy Coding!