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  • WebHierarchicalDataGrid - Access data source - webhierarchicaldatasource and SqlDataSource


    I use version 17.2.

    I have a misunderstanding about the use of the webhierarchicaldatasource of the webhierarchicaldatagrid.
    I use it with 2 SqlDataSource with parameters. (parent and child).

    I have the property InitialDataBindDepth="-1", so i'm…

  • Filter is not working on WebHierarchicalDataGrid


    We are using Infragistics4.Web.v14.1 and implemented the WebHierarchicalDataGrid in our project.When we filter on large amount of data, "Async request failed" error occured.So we tried a free trail of infragistics new version 18.1.20181.23.Then also…

  • dataview has no datasource set or datasourceId


    I am getting the following error while doing hierachy(only one child band) in webHierarchialDataGrid.

    Error: "dataview has no datasource set or datasourceId"

    Only on row can be expanded (child band). After this, if i click any row or another…

  • Can WebHierarchicalDataGrid support AutoCrud =False?

    I got pretty good at repeating my preferred pattern w/ WebDataGrid: 

    1) Crud Stored Procs + 2) .Net DataSets and TableAdapters + 3) ObjectDataSource + 4) WebDataGrid w/ AutoCrud = false.

    Now I'm using the WebHierarchicalDataGrid w/ one child band, but…

  • Problem with WebHierarchicalDataGrid in combination with EDM

    Good day,

    I am trying to get the WebHierarchicalDataGrid working in combination with EDM. In EDM i created an entity called Employees with a primary key on employeeID and an association to itself from ReportsTo to EmployeeID.

    In what way can i make…

  • WebHierarichal Grid to work with generic class

    Please let me know how can i make the grid to work with a generic class.  if i want to add a object to the grid which has parent and child relationships also then how can i achieve it.

    I have set the autogeneratebands = "true" but it does not work. Then…

  • The data does not correspond to valid JSON.

    Hi all,

    after a couple of days of looking for a solution to my problem, I hope you'll be able to help me.

    I am getting the "Cannot deserialize" error when attempting to add a new row in my child band.

    Here is my aspx:



  • WebHierarchicalDataGrid databinds twice

    I am trying to optimize my WebHierarchicalDataGrid so it hits my DataSource as few times as possible, since the data sent back in forth is quite large I want to avoid as many trips as I can.

    I am doing Load On Demand programmatically so none of my child…

  • How to force WHDG to refresh from datasource?


    My Web Hierarchical Data Source, WHDS, is from two SQL datatables and defined entirely in C#.  I'm using .NET 2.0.

    Does anyone know how to force the WHDG to refresh/reload when I want, on a postback?  I'm changing the database from the page, adding…

  • Is it possible to bind WebHierarchicalDataGrid without using WebHierarchicalDataSource?


    I downloaded NetAdvantage for ASP.NET and we are evaluting grid. We already have business objects ready to bind to the grid. But for some reason i unable to plug those in WebHierarchicalDataGrid. I checked most of the sample which is using WebHierarchicalDataSource…

  • WebhierarchicalDataSource - Literal content error


    I'm trying to setup a datarelation and am getting the following error: 

    Literal content ('<igds:DataRelation ParentDataViewID="dvVerificationSummary" ParentColumns="ParentEscalatorID" ChildDataViewID"dvVerificationDetails" ChildColumns="EscalatorID…

  • Runtime Exception

    I'm trying to bind a HierarchicalDataGrid to a HierarchicalDataSource. The data source is composed of two objectdatasources. When I set the InitialDataBindDepth = 1 I can expand an see the child band. But when I set the InitialDataBindDepth = 0 and expand…

  • Dynamic Setting Web hierarachical Data Source


     The below code sets the Web hierarchical Data Source with Web Hierarchical Data Grid. The Complete flow is given.

    The code is wrieen in VB .NET.


     Protected Sub Page_Load(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Me.Load
            Dim webgriddataset…

  • WebHierarchicalDataGrid gives a NullReferenceException


    I use an WebHierarchicalDataGrid with a WebHierarchicalDataSource and 3 ObjectDataSources (3 levels of data). I get the following error most of the time. I am using an evalation version.

    Does anyone have the same problem? Is there any workarround…