Introducing Indigo On-Prem

Ken Rosen / Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Introducing Indigo On-Prem


Today marks the introduction of a new member of the Indigo family:


Indigo On-Prem  is an all-in-one prototyping and usability testing solution for design and development teams working in high-security environments.

You know who you are: you work for a government agency or contractor – or perhaps you’re with a financial or healthcare organization where internet access is either frowned upon or outright forbidden.

If that sounds like your workplace, you probably know there aren’t a whole lot of prototyping and wireframing options available to you. Most of the tools on the market are web-based or involve a web back-end, immediately disqualifying them for your organization. The few tools that do work behind the firewall rely on partnerships with external web-based providers for usability testing (if they support it at all), which removes that part of the solution from contention.

This isn’t really surprising—most organizations have moved or are moving to the cloud, rendering the on-premises market a small subset of the prototyping and usability market. It’s logical for companies to focus on the larger and growing parts of the market.

At Infragistics, however, we recognize that the work your team does is vital, and we want you to have the same time-saving, money-saving, vision-realizing power that we provide to our Indigo Studio Enterprise customers.

Hence, Indigo On-Prem.

Indigo On-Prem not only delivers a best-of-breed on-premises prototyping solution, it’s the only solution that also provides on-premises usability testing.

Indigo On-Prem includes everything you need to quickly create full-fledged, interactive prototypes for mobile, web and desktop.

Indigo On-Prem includes:  

  • Indigo Studio On-Prem: the no-limits prototyping tool (available for both PC and Mac) for teams of UX designers, PMs, and UI developers.
  • Indigo Server: the secure, on-premises, LDAP-based hosting solution for Indigo prototypes, featuring remote usability testing with full video recording and an always-available archive of projects past and present.

With Indigo On-Prem, your team can: 

  • Create fully interactive prototypes viewable from any web-connected device—no install or special software required  
  • Capture full video, audio, and every mouse movement with built-in, unlimited remote usability tests 
  • Import designs from and sync with Sketch 
  • Rely on seamless LDAP integration with your native network directory (your IT team will really appreciate this). 

If you’re familiar with Indigo Studio already, you can think of Indigo Server as a private version of our cloud hosting and usability service platform. You’ll get every feature that our public Indigo users enjoy with the security of your private network. No compromises required.

Indigo Server is easy for your IT team to install—it integrates with any LDAP-based network directory (so you can govern access using the same user accounts you use for your network), and only requires a few simple pieces of information to get up and running. 

No UX team? We’ve still got you covered.

We also realize that not every organization has UX professionals to rely on for rapid prototype development—and we even have a solution for these organizations:

Indigo On-Prem Complete is our software-plus-services offering. Besides the software, your team gets a dedicated engagement with Infragistics’ award-winning UX services team. An Infragistics UX Designer and Infragistics UX Researcher will spend a full week with your team, helping to kick-start your project.

Together, the team will:  

  • Define user requirements and workflows  
  • Create your Indigo Studio prototype  
  • Test your prototype with on-site and/or remote users  
  • Deliver pixel-perfect visual assets 

Want more info?

  • To learn more about the Indigo Studio experience, including easy, follow-along tutorials, visit our product site.
  • To learn more about the Indigo On-Prem or Indigo On-Prem Complete solutions, visit our Indigo On-Prem page, where you can request a conversation with one of our solution consultants.
  • To learn about the new features in this release (Indigo is updated monthly), read our What’s New and What’s Next blog post.