Host Sketch Prototypes on Private Server with Usability Testing

George Abraham / Thursday, April 25, 2019

If you use the Sketch app but are unable to upload your designs to a public cloud then this update is for you!

Quite a few of our prospective customers are not allowed to share their design work on a public cloud due to security and privacy reasons. And if you are large software practice with multiple clients and teams, it’s challenging to manage design work across a myriad of tools or in-house solutions.

Publishing your designs to a cloud makes it easy to share your designs and get feedback from your team, and stakeholders, who may be remote. Even if you are not remote, it’s definitely convenient to review designs using a web browser and add comments.

Indigo.Design On-Prem lets you do just that! It’s the only solution on the market that lets you sync Sketch prototypes and run unmoderated usability testing securely on your own private server.

Sync Sketch prototypes to your private server

You can install and configure the Indigo server in under 10 minutes, if the technical prerequisites are met.

The Indigo.Design On-Prem experience is almost identical to our public version ( with two key differences:

  • You can sign in with your domain credentials (using active directory)
  • Only individuals allowed by the server admin will have access

Once you are set up, you can grab the Indigo.Design plugin for Sketch from the server, which will let you publish or sync your designs. When you publish for the first time, you will be prompted to add your server URL and domain credentials.

Create prototypes with images

After publishing your prototypes to the server, you will have the option to edit the interactions and transitions using a web-based editor. By default, any interactions added in your Sketch document are kept intact. You can override these in the editor.

If you don’t use Sketch, you can still create prototypes from scratch by importing images into the prototype editor, and adding interactions using hotspots.

Publishing or updating the prototypes will generate a share URL that you can send to your team or stakeholders. And then they can view your designs in the browser and add comments to the design directly; you will automatically get email notifications when comments are added.

Run unmoderated usability tests with user videos

Indigo.Design On-Prem lets you go beyond ad-hoc review with unmoderated usability testing. This means that you can test your designs by asking reviewers to complete specific tasks with your prototype.

When reviewers complete the test, you get summary task analytics with success rates and video replays of each user’s session. This helps you decide whether to move forward with development or to make changes and test again. There are no limits on the number of participants or number of tests.

What’s next?

We are also working on an inspect feature that will let developers extract visual specifications directly from your designs making design hand-offs even simpler. This will serve as a foundation for our broader Indigo.Design story allowing you to generate Angular components and layouts from Sketch prototypes.


UPDATE (Jun 25, 2019) : Inspect for Sketch designs is now live! Learn more


For more information about Indigo.Design On-Prem visit our pricing page for a list of currently supported features. Contact us for a demo and discuss whether Indigo.Design On-Prem is right for your needs.