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  • C# Example - How to SET a column in as updatable in a WebHeirarchicalDataGrid?

    I have some old code from UltraWebGrid that sets a column as being updatable.  I am curious if there is any sample code out there that shows how to update a column on a WebHeirarchicalDataGrid or a WebDataGrid as being UPDATEABLE?



  • WebHierarchicalDataGrid

    I have this WebHierarchicalDataGrid below the user needs to be able to edit data at both the parent and child level. I have the parent level working. At the child level the data that needs to be edited is a dropdown list. I have added the DropDownProvider…

  • Get the value of two WHDG columns and then set value of progress bar

    I am new to Infragistics and web programming,  I have a ASP.NET WHDG that has two columns that i want to use to set the value of a progress bar that is in the same row as the other two columns.

    Column #1 contains what will be the max value of the progress…

  • Webdatagrid Pagination

    How to use pagination in infragistics V21 for webdatagrid?

    Please help me!!

    Thanks in advance!!

  • Ajax Indicator

    How to use ajax indicator for webdatagrid? 

    I'm  using server side to add row in the grid and infragistics V21.

    Please help me!!!

    Thanks in advance!!!

  • WebRefreshAsyncPanel alternative for Infragistics V21

    What is the alternative for WebRefreshAsyncPanel alternative for Infragistics V21?

    Please help me thanks in advance!!!

  • Control Focus inside Webdatagrid

    I'm able to bind webdatagrid. I'm using Template Data Field and ASP .NET Textbox Control to bind data in the webdatagrid. When I press tab key it is focusing grid cell but the expected behavior is to focus the textbox control inside the webdatagrid. Please…

  • WebHierarchicalDataGrid UnboundCheckBoxField

    I have a WebHierarchicalDataGrid with 2 UnboundCheckBoxField; one if for email and the other is for print. The user can select either the email or print, not both. In the javascript it ends up in a loop even though I using eventArgs.set_cancel. 

    Here's the…

  • WebHierarchicalDataGrid CommandArgument References Different Row

    Hi all.  This is my first post to this forum so hopefully it won't be too cringe.

    I have a WebHierarchicalDataGrid that is bound to WebHierarchicalDataSource.  The parent table has a SQL autonumber ID. 

    In the parent row, I've added a template column with…

  • Get Hirarchical Grid value of Checked Bands having N Childs in Code behind in c#

     I am Implementing Web Hierarchical Data Grid and on Save i want to Get the Checked Rows Id's on Code Behind.

    <ig:WebHierarchicalDataGrid ID="hdgEnterExit" runat="server" EnableRelativeLayout="True" ShowFooter="False" HeaderCaptionCssClass="HeaderCaptionClass…

  • WHDG throws async error: Update/Insert Procedure or function as too many arguments specified.


    I'm experiencing some issues with the WHDG. I have seen similar post on this issue but none seems to address the problem I'm having. I am using version 2019.1 CLR45. I know this error normally occurs when a parameter is misspelled or missing but…

  • WebProgressBar In WebHierarchialDataGrid Throws Client Side errors in Dynamic Script.


    I'm using CLR45 Version 2019.1.

    I have a WebHierarchicalDataGrid with WebProgressBar template field in a child row of the grid. Each time I expand a row the progress bar sometimes does not render.. When checking the browser's console log,…

  • WHG - preventing entering decimal point (floating point numbers) in some rows.

    I need to address the following scenario : There is a hierarchical grid, that on the back end has values stored as floating point,

    But only one row is the one that floating point numbers can be entered. This row has custom formatting as {0:N5}.

    The issue…

  • The data key field(s) is being edited causing the record not to be found when trying to update

    I Have Implemented WebHirachicalDataGrid and i need to get the all the Checked checkBox on Server side. Currently when i am Clicking on checkbox and then Press the Save Button , Form Post Back but Respective Function doesn't Trigger. and Getting Error…

  • How to create WebHirachicalDataGrid Checkbox Dynamically in code Behind.


    i am working on WebHirarchicalDataGrid and i want to Create the CheckBoxes Dynamically as i want to set Each CheckBox a unique ID.i have Columns the set on Server Side , i want the Same on CheckBox Also.i want to Create BoundCheckBox Field code on…

  • Set CellText value with Infragistic checkBox from code behind in c#


     i am Implementing Web Hirarchical Data Grid and i have a checkBox , i want to set the Value of cell Text from Server side as each cell text can have different Value . Both Front end and BackEnd Code is :

    <ig:WebHierarchicalDataGrid ID="WebHierarchicalDataGrid1…

  • How to implement a multi-level grid in WebHirachicalDataGrid


    Actually i want to Create a webHirachicalDataGrid and for First Child it is working Fine but i want to Create Parent-> Child -> GrandChild,i am Creating a relation same like as i have Created in the Parent-. Child but the Relation between Child -…

  • How to Create 3 level Relationship in HirachicalWebDataGrid Infragistics

    I have a WebHierarchicalDataGrid in page, and i am trying to use 3 levels. Can someone Guide me how to create the Realtionship between 2 and 3 Level ?? My code is :

    <ig:WebHierarchicalDataGrid ID="WebHierarchicalDataGrid1" runat="server" AutoGenerateBands…

  • How to get Clicked Check Boxes in server side in WebHierarchicalDataGrid

    i am a New Guy in infragistics, i want to get all the checked checkboxes in server side. 

  • On Row Change ,while clicking on checkbox , form is Post Back in WebHierarchicalDataGrid Infragistics

    i am Implementing WebHierarchicalDataGrid in webforms, when i click on First Row and Check the Checkbox and then click on second Row and check the Another Checkbox , Form Post Back , in Simple words while chage the Row the Form Post Back, as i didn't Implemented…

  • CheckBoxes are Disabled in the WebHirarchicalDataGrid,How to Enable it ??

    i am Using WHDG, for Parent and Child Relationship. My Checkboxes are Disabled as i didn't want to Disabled them  . Here is My Code:

    <ig:WebHierarchicalDataGrid ID="WebHierarchicalDataGrid1" runat="server" AutoGenerateBands="False"…

  • WebHierarchicalDataGrid disable/enable sorting issue

    We are using WebHierarchicalDataGrid to display user information.We want to disable/enable sorting based on a checkbox.

    I have tried disabling the sorting using below ways:

    1. By calling 

    WebHierarchicalDataGrid.GridView.Behaviours.Sorting.Enabled = false…

  • How to Activate Filtering Mode: Advanced from code behind ?


    How can I Activate Filtering Mode: Advanced from code behind  for a WebHierarchicalDataGrid?

    Is it alternatively possible to activate advanced mode in HTML without recurring to Jquery or Javascript?



  • Editable cells keyboard accessibility


    I am using WebDataGrid / WebHierarchicalDataGrid within Infragistics45.Web.v19.2 assembly.

    I am unable to access the editable cells inside the grid through the keyboard. 

    When the page loads, and I keep pressing tab, the focus never gets set on the editable…

  • Dynamically adding BoundField to WebHierarchialDataGrid, unable to see the column in browser

    I have a WebHierarchialDataGrid 'G1' in usercontrol page .ascx page with 20 columns existing. I'm getting data from .ascx page to .aspx page in ON_INIT() method adding controls to div 'Results'. After adding the controls, Through FindControls method I…