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Everything You Need to Create Fast and Beautiful Angular Applications

Is a fast and beautiful out-of-the-box graphics and grids to a comprehensive library of enterprise-grade UI controls and collaboration tools for UX design development. Including Indigo.Design - a complete design system for code - integrating prototyping, design systems, user testing, application building and code generation, with localized controls in 19 languages, including French, Portuguese and Spanish. Speeding up development by at least 85%.

Engineered to Exceed Expectations

See how quickly the data renders as you interact with the control

Grid table showing list of sales information per person built using Ignite UI for Angular's grid component.

Let’s start with 3 reasons Infragistics Angular is the right solution for your organization


The Infragistics Angular grid handles seamless scrolling across thousands or millions of rows and offers the fastest virtualized rows and columns in a grid on the market. This you’re your clients seamlessly scroll through millions of rows with millisecond-level updates.

Rendering Technology

By utilizing the igxForOf directive the IgxGrid now optimizes DOM rendering and memory consumption by rendering only what is currently visible in the view port and swapping the displayed data while the user scrolls the data horizontally/vertically

Command-Line Interface

Ignite UI CLI is a stand-alone command-line tool for creating and scaffolding applications for a variety of frameworks. It provides project templates pre-configured for Ignite UI for Angular that help you get your next app off the ground in record time.

Dock Manager

Another powerful feature included in Infragistics Ultimate is how Dock Manager allows you to easily manage complex Angular web layouts creating a UX/UI your competition can only dream of. A complete windowing experience, splitting layouts into smaller, easier-to-manage panes.

Try the live sample below

Dock Manager sample application

Dock Manager is also available across all web platforms included in Infragistics Ultimate.

The Fastest Angular Data Grids

Our Angular Data Grid can handle unlimited rows and columns of data, while providing access to custom templates and real-time data updates. Featuring an intuitive API for easy theming and branding, you can quickly bind to data with minimal code.

  • Inline Editing
  • Row and Column Filtering
  • Grid Sorting
  • Column Grouping
  • Column Summaries
  • Fixed/Pinned Column
  • Collapsible Column Groups
  • Master Detail
  • Resizable Columns
  • Column Hiding
  • Column Moving
  • Cell Copy and Paste
  • Cell Styling
  • Real-time/Live Data Theming
  • Tree Grid Remote Data Operations
  • Custom Grid Toolbar
  • Grid Paging
  • Row Pinning
  • Column Pinning
  • Row Selection
  • Cell Selection
  • Column Selection
  • Grid-level Searching
  • Excel Export, CSV, TSV
  • Multi-Column Headers
  • Combo Box/Dropdown
  • Combo Templates
  • Virtualization And Performance
  • Remote Data Load on Demand
  • Cell Templates
  • ARIA/a11y Support

An Angular Chart for Every Occasion

Your Angular charts shouldn’t just be fast; they should be all-encompassing. With every common category chart type – bar, line, column, area, pie, and more – you can visualize your data the way you prefer. In need of financial charts? With Ignite UI for Angular, we offer the same features you come across with Google Finance and Yahoo Finance Charts.

  • Axis Gridlines
  • Angular Axis Layouts
  • Axis Options
  • Chart Animations
  • Chart Annotations
  • Chart Highlighting
  • Chart Markers
  • Chart Navigation
  • Chart Overlays
  • Chart Performance
  • Chart Synchronization
  • Chart Tooltips
  • Chart Trendlines
  • Zoom Slider Overview
  • WAI-ARIA Support
  • Chart API

Sample Applications

Angular Example: FinTech

Display, high-volume data streams with ease using this powerful financial app.

Launch the App

Angular COVID-19 Dashboard

Built using Indigo.Design and Ignite UI for Angular leveraging timely reported data from to create a useful and impactful visualization in just hours.

Launch the App

Team Collaboration App

The Team Collaboration app showcases two main modules – a layout with tasks and a collection of dashboards.

Launch the App
Logo for Indigo.Design application for prototyping

With Indigo.Design you can perform user testing, quickly build applications with real code and generate code directly into your project

Indigo.Design App Builder showing components being used in a working application

App Building

Accelerate the way you design, test, and build apps. Indigo.Design App Builder is a brand-new cloud-based WYSIWYG drag & drop tool that helps leading companies design and build complete business apps 80% faster than ever before.

ndigo.Design App Builder showing components being used in a working application

Code Generation

Everything you design results in production ready HTML, TypeScript & CSS for Angular. Preview your designs instantly in the browser, and then generate pixel-perfect code output in a single click with the Indigo Design System.

Indigo.Design showing user testing

User Testing

User testing made easy with Indigo.Design. Quickly test new or existing designs, prototypes, and apps with real users, on any device or platform. Get user insights and optimize usability before writing any code, ensuring you apps shine with the best UX possible!

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