Adding a Hyperlink to a cell in an Excel file

This topic shows you how to add a hyperlink to a cell in a Microsoft® Excel™ file using the WorksheetCell object’s ApplyFormula method. The following code creates an Excel file with a hyperlink in cell 0 of the worksheet by using the intrinsic Excel HYPERLINK formula.

Before you start writing any code, you should place using/imports directives in your code-behind so you don’t need to always type out a member’s fully qualified name.

In Visual Basic:

Imports Infragistics.Documents.Excel

In C#:

using Infragistics.Documents.Excel;

In Visual Basic:

'Create an Excel File
 Dim s As String = "C:\theFile.xls"
 'Create a Workbook
 Dim w As New Workbook()
 'Add a new worksheet to the Workbook
 Dim ws As Worksheet = w.Worksheets.Add("New")
 'Create Hyperlink in a Worksheet cell

In C#:

//Create an Excel File
 string s = @" C:\theFile.xls";
//Create a Workbook
 Workbook w = new Workbook();
//Add a new worksheet to the Workbook
Worksheet ws = w.Worksheets.Add("New");
 //Create Hyperlink in a Worksheet cell


Displays the result of using the code listed above.