WordDocumentWriter Class Members

The following tables list the members exposed by WordDocumentWriter.

Public Properties
Public PropertyDefaultFontReturns the font that determines the formatting for all text runs which do not have more specific formatting attributes defined.  
Public PropertyDefaultParagraphPropertiesDefines the default formatting for paragraphs which have no more specific formatting attributes defined.  
Public PropertyDefaultTablePropertiesDefines the default formatting for tables which have no more specific formatting attributes defined.  
Public PropertyDocumentPropertiesDefines the properties of the document such as Title, Author, Manager, etc.  
Public PropertyFinalSectionPropertiesDefines the page-related properties of the document such as size, margins, and orientation. Applies to all content in the document which follows the last explicitly defined section.  
Public PropertyNewLineTypeReturns or sets a value which determines the method used to represent a newline in the generated output.  
Public PropertyUnitReturns or sets a value indicating the implied unit of measurement for properties which represent graphical quantities.  
Public PropertyWriterStateReturns a bitflag value which describes the current state of the writer.  
Public Methods
Public MethodAddAnchoredPictureOverloaded. Adds an anchored picture to the current paragraph.  
Public MethodAddAnchoredShapeOverloaded. Adds an anchored shape with the specified size to the current paragraph.  
Public MethodAddEmptyParagraphAdds a paragraph with no content.  
Public MethodAddHyperlinkOverloaded. Adds a textual hyperlink to the current paragraph.  
Public MethodAddInlinePictureOverloaded. Adds an inline picture to the current paragraph.  
Public MethodAddInlineShapeOverloaded. Adds an inline shape to the current paragraph, using Vector Markup Language (VML).  
Public MethodAddNewLineOverloaded. Adds a text run consisting of the newline character to the current paragraph.  
Public MethodAddSectionHeaderFooterOverloaded. Adds headers and/or footers to the main section of the document.  
Public MethodAddTableCellOverloaded. Adds a cell to the current row, with one paragraph containing a simple text run with the specified text.  
Public MethodAddTextRunOverloaded. Adds a text run to the current paragraph.  
Public MethodCloseCloses the writer and finalizes content.  
Public Methodstatic (Shared in Visual Basic)ConvertUnitsConverts the specified floating-point value based on the specified units of measurement.  
Public Methodstatic (Shared in Visual Basic)CreateOverloaded. Creates and returns a new instance of a WordDocumentWriter-derived class.  
Public MethodCreateAnchoredPictureCreates a new AnchoredPicture.  
Public MethodCreateAnchoredShapeOverloaded. Creates a new AnchoredShape.  
Public MethodCreateBulletPropertiesCreates a new BulletProperties instance.  
Public MethodCreateFontCreates a new Font instance which can be used to format text runs.  
Public MethodCreateInlinePictureCreates a new InlinePicture.  
Public MethodCreateInlineShapeOverloaded. Creates a new InlineShape.  
Public MethodCreatePageNumberFieldCreates a new PageNumberField.  
Public MethodCreateParagraphPropertiesCreates a new ParagraphProperties instance.  
Public MethodCreatePictureOutlinePropertiesCreates a new PictureOutlineProperties.  
Public MethodCreateSectionPropertiesCreates a new SectionProperties.  
Public MethodCreateTableBorderPropertiesCreates a new TableBorderProperties instance.  
Public MethodCreateTableCellPropertiesCreates a new TableCellProperties instance.  
Public MethodCreateTablePropertiesCreates a new TableProperties instance.  
Public MethodCreateTableRowPropertiesCreates a new TableRowProperties instance.  
Public MethodCreateTextHyperlinkOverloaded. Creates a new TextHyperlink instance which can be used to add a textual hyperlink to the document.  
Public MethodCreateVmlShapeCreates a new VmlShape-derived instance based on the specified shapeType.  
Public MethodDefineSectionCreates a section in the document, which defines the pagination for paragraphs and tables that were written since the last section was created.  
Public MethodDisposeReleases any resources being used by this object.  
Public MethodEndDocumentOverloaded. Closes a previously opened document.  
Public MethodEndParagraphCloses a previously created paragraph.  
Public MethodEndTableCloses a previously opened table.  
Public MethodEndTableCellCloses a previously opened cell.  
Public MethodEndTableRowCloses the current table row.  
Public MethodFlushFlushes the contents of the buffer to the underlying stream.  
Public MethodFromPixelsOverloaded. Converts the specified value into the specified unit of measure.  
Public MethodStartDocumentStarts a word processing document.  
Public MethodStartParagraphOverloaded. Starts a new paragraph in the document with the default formatting.  
Public MethodStartTableOverloaded. Starts a new table in the document with the specified number of columns.  
Public MethodStartTableCellStarts a new cell in the current row.  
Public MethodStartTableRowOverloaded. Starts a new row in the current table with the default height.  
Public MethodToPixelsOverloaded. Converts the specified value into a pixel value at the specified resolution.  
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