Infragistics.Win.DataVisualization Namespace

ClassBingMapsTileSource Represents a BingMaps ImageTileSource
ClassBrush Defines objects used to paint graphical objects. Classes that derive from Brush describe how the area is painted.
ClassCustomMapTileSource Represents a CustomMapTileSource ImageTileSource
ClassDataContext Represents the data currently in context.
ClassDataLegendSeriesContext Represent info about series values
ClassDataLegendSeriesValueInfo Represent info about series values
ClassDataLegendSummaryColumn Represent a column in summary row
ClassDataSeriesAdapter Analyzes a data source and indicates which types of data visualizations might be a good fit for the data.
ClassDataSeriesAdapterRemovingDuplicatesEventArgs Represents information about the duplicate series in the adapter.
ClassDataSeriesAdapterRunEventArgs Presents information about the analysis run in progress.
ClassDisposableObject The base class Disposable maintains a boolean flag that keeps track of whether or not the object has been Disposed. It implemnets System.IDisposable and calls a virtual 'OnDispose' method to let the derived class know when the object has been Disposed.
ClassDVBaseControl Base Class for all Windows Forms based DataVisualization controls.
ClassGetTileImageUriArgs Event arguments for GetTileImageUri event
ClassGradientBrush An abstract class that describes a gradient, composed of gradient stops. Classes that inherit from GradientBrush describe different ways of interpreting gradient stops.
ClassGradientStop Describes the location and color of a transition point in a gradient.
ClassGradientStop.GradientStopTypeConverter Type converter for the GradientStop class.
ClassGradientStopCollection Represents a collection of GradientStop objects that can be individually accessed by index.
ClassHeader Specifies global data from an ESRI shapefile.
ClassItfConverter Class for converting Itf files into enumerable triangulations.
ClassLinearGradientBrush Paints an area with a linear gradient.
ClassMapTileSource Represents a specialized multiscale tile source used by the XamMap control.
ClassOpenStreetMapTileSource Represents an Open Street Map image tile source
ClassRectChangedEventArgs Provides data for rectangle changed events.
ClassShapefileConverter Class used to convert Shapefiles into CLR objects.
ClassShapefileRecord Represents a record of data from a Shapefile (.shp and .dbf). Represents a record of data from a Shapefile (.shp and .dbf).
ClassSolidColorBrush Paints an area with a solid color.
ClassStyle Defines properties allowing you to modify the appearance of the element
ClassTextRendererWrapper Using TextRenderer.DrawText leads to various artifacts when drawing to transparent images. This class is added in order to workaround this issue. First it draws the text to a temporary image. Then it process the temporary image and fixes its artifacts. Finally the temporary image is drawn on the actual graphics object. Note that for drawing we use Color.Magenta as it gives us good, predictable result. After that the color of the text is changed from Magenta to the actual forecolor of the text when the image is processed
ClassTileGeneratorTileSource Represents a CustomMapTileSource ImageTileSource
ClassTooltipSettings This class contains settings relevant to the Tooltips.
ClassTooltipShowingEventArgs Provides data for the TooltipShowing event.
ClassTriangulationSource Class for creating, loading, and storing triangulations. Class for creating, loading, and storing triangulations.
ClassTriangulationSourcePointRecord Class representing a single point and its associated value in a triangulation source.
ClassUtilities Utility class containing static helper functions
ClassXBaseField Class representing a field in an XBase file.
StructurePoint Represents an ordered pair of double x and y coordinates that defines a point in a two-dimensional plane.
StructureRectangle Stores a set of four double-precision values that represent the size and location of a rectangle.
DelegateDataSeriesAdapterRemovingDuplicatesEventHandler Called when removing duplicate series from the data series adapter.
DelegateDataSeriesAdapterRunEventHandler Called for actions related to running the data series adapter's analysis.
DelegateGetTileImageUriEventHandler Event handler for TileLayersChanged event
DelegateRectChangedEventHandler Represents the method that will handle rectangle changed events.
EnumerationDataAbbreviationMode Describes the mode used to abbreviate large numbers
EnumerationDataLegendHeaderDateMode Describes mode for formating date in header of data legend
EnumerationDataLegendHeaderTimeMode Describes mode for formating time in header of data legend
EnumerationDataLegendLabelMode Describes mode for displaying labels before series values in the data legend.
EnumerationDataLegendSeriesGroup Describes type of data columns to use for the data legend.
EnumerationDataLegendSeriesValueType Describes type of data columns to use for the data legend.
EnumerationDataLegendSummaryType Describes type of summarization to use for the data legend.
EnumerationDataLegendUnitsMode Describes mode for displaying units after series values in the data legend.
EnumerationDataLegendValueMode Describes mode for displaying values in the data legend.
EnumerationDataTooltipGroupedPositionX Describes available positions on the X axis at which the summary tooltip to be displayed.
EnumerationDataTooltipGroupedPositionY Describes available positions on the Y axis at which the summary tooltip to be displayed.
EnumerationDataToolTipLayerGroupingMode Describes available positions on the crossing axis at which the category tooltip can be displayed.
EnumerationErrorBarCalculatorReference Describes available behaviors for choosing the direction of error bars calculation in scatter series.
EnumerationErrorBarCalculatorType Describes available types of error bar calculators.
EnumerationGradientDirection Describes available behaviors for setting direction of linear gradient brush or a radial gradient brush
EnumerationInteractionState Describes available interaction states of the chart or geographic map control.
EnumerationLegendItemBadgeMode Describes mode of legend badges that represent all series in a legend
EnumerationLegendItemBadgeShape Describes the type of legend badge that represents a series in a legend
EnumerationShapeType Describes available types of item represented by the current row of a shapefile.
EnumerationTrendLineType Describes available types of trend lines supported by series.
EnumerationUnknownValuePlotting Describes available methods of plotting data with unknown values in a series.

Double.NaN and null are examples of unknown values.

EnumerationXBaseDataType Enum for XBase field data types.
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