MultiCellOperationErrorInfo Class Members

The following tables list the members exposed by MultiCellOperationErrorInfo.

Public Properties
Public PropertyActionSpecifies whether to continue with remaining cells, stop or revert the cells modified so far. Default is ClearCellAndContinue, unless explicitly stated otherwise in the remarks section below. Note that this property is honored only if the error occurs with a particular cell. If the error is with the whole operation, then this property has no effect.  
Public PropertyCanContinueWithRemainingCellsSpecifies whether the operation can continue with remaining cells.  
Public PropertyDataErrorInfoIf the error is data source related (for example, error updating the row), then this will return an object that contains further information on the error. Otherwise it will be null.  
Public PropertyErrorCellThe cell where the operation being performed failed. Note that this property will return null if the failure is not associated with a specific cell.  
Public PropertyExceptionThe exception, if any, that lead to this error event.  
Public PropertyOperationSpecifies the multi-cell operation that's being performed.  
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