Infragistics.Win.Touch Namespace

ClassGestureCompletedEventArgs Contains information about the GestureCompleted event.
ClassGestureEventArgs Base class for touch gesture-related event arguments.
ClassGestureInfo For internal use only.
ClassGestureInfo.PanDelta For internal use only.
ClassGestureQueryStatusEventArgs Contains information about the GestureQueryStatus event.
ClassGestureStartingEventArgs Contains information about the GestureStarting event.
ClassPanGestureEventArgs Contains information about the PanGesture event.
ClassPressAndHoldGestureEventArgs Contains information about the PressAndHoldGesture event.
ClassPressAndHoldIndicatorUIElement Draws a ringed circle which indicates that a 'press and hold' gesture has begun.
ClassPressAndTapGestureEventArgs Contains information about the PressAndTapGesture event.
ClassRotateGestureEventArgs Contains information about the RotateGesture event.
ClassSelectionRectangleUIElement Draws the rectangle which is displayed when a gesture drag selection operation is in progress.
ClassTouchProviderManager Summary description for TouchProviderManager.
ClassTouchUtilities Utility class containing static helper functions related to Touch support
ClassTwoFingerTapGestureEventArgs Contains information about the TwoFingerTapGesture event.
ClassUltraTouchProvider Touch-enables Infragistics controls on the Form so that ui elements are large enough for touch interaction.
ClassZoomGestureEventArgs Contains information about the ZoomGesture event.
InterfaceIGestureConsumer Implemented by UltraControlBase-derived controls which consume input digitizer gestures.
InterfaceISupportTouchMetrics Interface implemented by UltraTouchProvider
InterfaceITouchProvider Interface implemented by UltraTouchProvider
DelegateGestureCompletedHandler Defines the signature of the handler for the GestureCompleted event.
DelegateGestureQueryStatusHandler Defines the signature of the handler for the GestureQueryStatus event.
DelegateGestureStartingHandler Defines the signature of the handler for the GestureStarting event.
DelegatePanGestureHandler Defines the signature of the handler for the PanGesture event.
DelegatePressAndHoldGestureHandler Defines the signature of the handler for the PressAndHoldGesture event.
DelegatePressAndTapGestureHandler Defines the signature of the handler for the PressAndTapGesture event.
DelegateRotateGestureHandler Defines the signature of the handler for the RotateGesture event.
DelegateTwoFingerTapGestureHandler Defines the signature of the handler for the TwoFingerTapGesture event.
DelegateZoomGestureHandler Defines the signature of the handler for the ZoomGesture event.
EnumerationGesture Constants which identify the touch gestures supported by UltraControlBase derived controls.
EnumerationGestureEventIds Constants which identify the gesture-related events.
EnumerationGestureModes Flagged enumeration which defines gesture modes.
EnumerationSupportedPanningActions Flagged enumeration defining the supported input digitizer panning actions.
EnumerationTouchElementSizes Enumeration for different types of touch elements for size.
EnumerationTouchProviderPropertyIds Property enumeration for the UltraTouchProvider component
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