Breaking Changes in 2013 Volume 2

Touch Support

Breaking Changes

Infragistics touch enabled controls and components are equipped to support both touch and non-touch applications. Touch capability is activated on a form (Not individual controls) as soon as you add the UltraTouchProvider™ component to the form. By default, the UltraTouchProvider component’s Enabled property is set to True. When the controls are in touch-enabled mode they appear slightly larger to accommodate easier user interaction on a touch monitor. The same is true for touch-enabled components, but since the components do not have design view representation, they will appear larger at runtime.

Currently only one control is exempt from this. The WinToolbarsManager™ control has its own TouchEnabled property that overrides the UltraTouchProvider ’s state; however, when WinToolbarsManager control’s TouchEnabled property is set to Default, this control too takes the UltraTouchProvider ’s state.

Disable touch capability by setting the UltraTouchProvider ’s Enabled property to False. This will affect all touch-enabled controls and components on the form with the exception of WinToolbarsManager control when its TouchEnabled property is explicitly set to True.

Infragistics Excel Libraries

The Infragistics Excel libraries now require a reference to Documents.Core assembly.

The following public types (previously defined in the Infragistics.Documents.Excel assembly), are now defined in the Infragistics.Documents.Core assembly. They have been moved from their original namespace Infragistics.Documents.Excel to the Infragistics.Documents.Core.Packaging namespace.

  • IPackage

  • IPackageFactory

  • IPackagePart

  • IPackageRelationship

  • RelationshipTargetMode

A method named GetRelationship(string) has been added to the IPackage interface, that is now in the Infragistics.Documents.Core.Packaging namespace.