Breaking Changes in 2015 Volume 1

Infragistics CAB Extensibility Kit

Breaking changes

As part of the 15.1 release we have retired support for Infragistics CAB Extensibility Kit.

The technology is considered “outdated and is no longer being maintained” by Microsoft, and it is no longer supported for newer Operating Systems like Windows 8 and later. Infragistics can no longer guarantee the quality of this technology on Windows 8 and higher.

For more information, review the following link:

Infragistics WinInkProvider

As part of the 15.1 release we have retired the Infragistics WinInkProvider component.

This component relies on the Tablet PC Platform SDK, which is part of Microsoft® Windows® XP , which is no longer supported by Microsoft. Based on this Infragistics cannot guaranteee the quality and behavior of this component on the newer operating systems.

Note that the UltraInkProvider component has been removed from the Visual Studio Toolbox, but the assembly is still included in the product for backward compatibility.