Breaking Changes in 2016 Volume 2


Previously, the WinColorPicker's editor mimicked Visual Studio’s color picker found in the property grid, allowing the user to choose from a set of colors. With the addition of the WinColorPalette UI, which allows the user more freedom in creating a color, we have given this same experience as an option to the WinColorPicker by setting the Style property to ColorPalette.

The WinColorPicker now has Style set to ColorPalette by default, which is a breaking change to existing applications with WinColorPickers. If you wish to reset this change and retain the old style, any WinColorPicker’s Style can be set to VisualStudio.

Setting the default style of all WinColorPickers of a Form is trivial using the ColorPickerEditor.DefaultStyle. See Set the DefaultStyle to VisualStudio for more information.