MarkerManagerBase Class Members

The following tables list the members exposed by MarkerManagerBase.

Public Properties
Public PropertyActiveMarkerIndexesStrategyThe function used to return the indexes of all active markers.  
Public PropertyGetItemLocationsStrategyThe function used to get all marker locations.  
Public PropertyProvideItemStrategyThe function used to provide a data item given its index.  
Public PropertyProvideMarkerStrategyThe function used to provide marker objects given a data item.  
Public PropertyRemoveUnusedMarkersThe action used to remove unused markers.  
Public Methods
Public MethodRenderRenders the given markers.  
Public MethodWinnowMarkersFilter out markers that should not be visible.  
Protected Methods
Protected MethodActiveFirstKeysCreates a list of indices sorted with priority items in front.  
Protected MethodGetBucketsGroups visible items into relevant buckets, based on the viewport size and resolution.  
Protected MethodGetVisibleItemsGets only the visible items and adds them to the given list.  
Protected MethodSelectMarkerItemsSelects a given number of marker buckets, and adds them to a given list of items.  
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